Easter 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hello Lovely readers!

Last Friday we headed to Tulsa for a fun-filled Easter weekend.

We got there Friday night and decided to take the kids to Incredible Pizza. It was the perfect way to start the weekend as the kids played the arcade games, rode the rides, and ate yummy pizza.
We got on a roller-coaster and let me just say, they are NOT MY THING! The kids loved every minute and wanted to go again after it was over, I had a slight headache for hours to come!

Saturday morning we went to the local neighborhood egg hunt. The kids had never been to one, so they had a blast. Some of the eggs had candy which was great, but the kids just found it funny they could go to someone else's yard and get eggs!

Sloane wore her little Easter dress from last year which now fits like a top. She looked so cute in her white jeans, lol!

Ford was amazed at all his findings.

Later that day we headed to another egg hunt at the in-laws and it was also a great time. My MIL got Sloane this dress from the Target Victoria Beckham line and it looked so adorable on her!

Sunday morning we headed to Abiding Harvest church in Broken Arrow for an Easter Festival complete with a petting zoo and more egg hunts!

The kids enjoyed seeing the animals and meeting new friends.

Every year we try to go eat Easter brunch somewhere and this year we went with the Marriott Hotel brunch. It was so delicious and had the cutest ice sculptures. 

I tried to get good pictures of the kids outfits, but these days it is nearly impossible to get them to sit still. I am hoping that gets easier because I really enjoy capturing these memories of them.

Sloane wore a smocked bunny dress and Ford wore his seersucker suit. I don't normally dress Sloane in smocked clothing but I really like that she can most likely wear this dress again next year, even if it is as a top.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S

Tulsa Weekending

Hello Everybody!

A few weeks ago, my nephew Benjamin turned 6 and we celebrated by going to Dallas and joining my family for a birthday party at the Texas Rangers current baseball stadium, the Ballpark at Arlington. The park has a "party" area with a play-gym for kids to play and picnic tables where the event was held. The twins had the best time. When it was time to take a tour of the stadium, the kids didn't want to leave!

The tour included the dug-out which was super cool. 

The following weekend we headed to Tulsa for a few pre-Easter activities that were going on. The local LittleGym was having a celebration so we decided to attend and have a little fun.

The kids had never been so it was really funny watching them hanging on the beams and jumping around. They also had treats for the kids so Ford tried some cotton candy.

My F-I-L had planned to take the kids fishing at a nearby pond so we headed out to see if we could catch any fishies. My brother in law caught quite a few, I didn't get so lucky :(

Fun times in Tulsa!

~Mrs. S

A Colorado road trip!

Hello Everyone!

I Have been a little busy lately so I haven't had the chance to blog, at all! I still want to share a few things going on lately!

March 3rd  was the Mr.'s 35th birthday.
We didn't do much, but I did bake him a cake of which he actually had a slice! We went to Tulsa for the weekend and had some fun meals.

The following week we headed for Colorado for a fun road trip to Breckenridge. We drove out at 4:00am and made it to the Royal Gorge by about 2. It was amazing, and there is even a train ride you can take along the river at the bottom. We plan on taking it some time in the future.

We arrived around 4 and headed to our hotel. Breckenridge is unlike any other ski town in that everything is actually walking distance. The town center is where everything is located and we didn't have to drive anywhere. That was super convenient considering we had to drive quite a bit when we stayed in Vail and Aspen.

There was a huge sledding park that the kids really enjoyed. We sled for a bit then hiked up some short trails that were accessible to the kids.

I decided to ski one of the days, and although it would have been more fun with Zac, I actually really enjoyed going by myself. Something about being able to just go for it without having to worry about keeping up or catching up to anyone else. The trails were mostly easy and the few more advanced ones were not over-populated so I had enough room to go slower. I ended up skiing down several trails that I didn't plan to because I would just get on gondolas I would come across. It was scary to not know how high I was going, but once I got to the top I was fine and it wasn't as steep as you would think! Of all the skiing I've done, I think I like Breckenridge the best.

Sloanie and I :)

As much as I wanted the kids to wear their winter gear, it wasn't as cold as I expected which meant lots of vests for us!

The drive there and back was much easier than I anticipated. We had driven once last summer, but we took a scenic route to and from this trip which made it entertaining and fast. It takes us a total of 12 hours to make it there which is not bad at all!

I hope you all enjoyed my recap, thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S