Knock offs vs. Overpriced

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Today I am writing about the ever so popular Marc Fisher espadrille sandal that is all the rage this spring. I saw them last spring season and loved them in the brown color I saw many bloggers wearing, but with two new colors (black and ash) I decided to order me a pair for myself when the less expensive Steve Madden version came out this season.

This is the MF version

Here is the Steve Madden

After ordering the Steve Madden version, I tried them on and noticed that my feet must be too narrow or something because they were kind of wide on me. I have never had this issue, in fact, I always considered myself to have wide feet! I was dissatisfied and decided to go ahead and order the Marc Fisher pair since I could always return it if I didn't feel/see that big of a difference. 

When I received the more expensive pair, which I believe is only available on (because they are out of stock everywhere else) I was so excited to try them on!

So the biggest differences are...

1. The inside pads of the MF are espadrille and a bit more leveled on the arch than the SM's. The SM inside are the same color as the shoe (black/brown/ash)

2. The SM's are wider, the MF fit more narrow.

3. The soles of the MF are espadrille/plastic which is not my favorite as my previous Tory Burch espadrilles have torn after wearing them a few months, but hopefully they are made better.

4. The PRICE!
At $159.00 vs. $59.00
the difference is a no brainer, but I suspect it can be made up by the fact that if you order the MF's you are already a season behind, so the SM's would be a good way to catch up with this trend.
As far as the quality, only time could tell which are made better, but I still don't know which ones I will keep!

What do y'all think?!

~Mrs. S