Christmas 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello lovely readers!

The twins second Christmas has come and gone and we had a great month celebrating the Holiday Season. From visits with Santa to Christmas movies, it was a December to remember!

The local park does a big light celebration every year so we decided to go meet Santa that night. 
The kids were intrigued by him (since he gave them candy canes) but he wasn't letting kids sit on his lap for pictures, lame... I guess it was best because the kids were ready to ride the train and enjoy the carousel instead.

My mother in law got the kids a cool train that goes around the christmas tree, they were quite enamored with it the first few nights.

I saw this chalkboard sign and decided I needed to copy it.

The kiddos had their fair share of Christmas ourfits, Ford's shirt said "Santa, Im a big fan... So cute!

A week before Christmas we headed to Tulsa since we heard there would be snow! The kids enjoyed running around enjoying their first snow of the season.

We made a few trips to Norman to do some shopping, and stumbled upon Santa at a Chick-Fil-A. Sloane was amazed that he was sitting at a table next to us, eating his chicken sandwich, so we had to say hello!

Sloane always looks great in smocked dresses, and this one happened to make a second round this Christmas as it was the same one she wore last year. It was a bit short, but it looked so cute on her!

Christmas morning at my in laws!

They say Christmas is totally different when you have children, and I agree but I think it is even deeper than the whole "you see it through their eyes" thing. I think it is a time where you stand back and appreciate the things in life that matter, especially spending time as a family, and making memories with your loved ones.

Hope you all had a special time with your families during the holidays, 
here's to a new year!

~Mrs. S

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