Weekend Roundup!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hi Eveyone!

Talk about a great weekend.

Friday night was the Mr.'s playoff game in Clinton (3 hours away) so we opted not to go. Unfortunately for the team, they lost, but fortunately for my family, we get our daddy back and it will be nice to have him around more!

Saturday morning we headed to Norman for our first OU game ever! We found great deal on tickets, and Norman is only an hour away so we were happy to be able to go watch the Sooners WIN!

Ford and Sloane were very well behaved and seemed to have a wonderful time. We stayed until the end of the 3rd quarter which was way longer than we thought, so we were so glad we went!

Ford looked so cute in his OU hat :)

We had seats against a wall, which was the perfect place for us since the kids could wiggle around and not bother anyone.

We didnt realize how strong the sun was going to be shining on us, so that was the only thing we wish we had prepared for, it was in the 60's so I wore a long sleeve and black pants and was burning up! The kids were a little sun burned in the face, but nothing that a little sun block couldn't fix :)

Sunday was a big day in our family. We had the twins dedicated at church. It was the most beautiful experience, and goes to show how much God is watching over our family and making sure we live our lives by his word.

The twins received a gift from the church (a Chidren's Bible Story book) and a letter from our pastor. Sloane looked adorable in her special dress. 

We enjoyed some yummy cake after lunch from Wal-Mart that I had custom ordered.
It was not the colors I expected, but it got the point across :)

This past week has been quite the emotional roller-coaster but we now look forward to the future.

Hope you all have an amazing week, thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S

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