Weekend Recap

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Readers!

Thank you for stopping by. The kids are napping and I am watching WAGS: Miami. Is anyone else also addicted to this horrible trash TV?? I watch these shows about women with glamorous lifestyles and luxury homes/cars/vacations, and yet think they are the dumbest most ill-behaved people on the planet! It's like a train-wreck I can't stop watching...

Anyway, last weekend we had a low key Friday night in since the Mr. had an away game (which they WON!) and my friend came over to watch Bad Mom's with me. I liked some parts of it and thought it was kind of funny, but some of it was just crazy unrealistic and stereotypical. I would recommend watching it, but it wasn't my fav.

Saturday we headed to Dallas for a little family time and a funeral mass for a student's father who recently passed. The twins came with me, and it was quite a bit of work, but thankfully I had my niece helping me. I was sad to miss the SMU Homecoming parade which was also that day, but I figured there will always be a homecoming parade, and it was really important to me that I be at the mass. I saw my student for the first time in a year and a half. I feel so bad for them, but know that eventually they will be ok. 

We came back that evening, and I decided to leave them with the Mr. when I went to church on Sunday. The time change didn't affect us too much, and we had fun watching the Cowboys WIN for the 7th straight time!

I decided to do laundry yesterday, which I normally don't (I like to space it out throughout the week so I don't feel like I am doing it all at once) and I have plans for a yummy enchilada dinner tonight followed by the premiere of Vanderpump Rules, I am so pumped for this season! Again, I know I am addicted to bad reality TV, but I can't help it!

We also started watching Home Alone last night since we had some time to kill before bath time and the twins seemed to really enjoy it! I think it is because the music score is so good that it caught their attention, either way, the Mr. and I always watch that movie around Christmas time, so we are looking forward to watching it with the kids.

Now cheers to a busy week ahead, hope you all had a wonderful Monday and that you enjoyed stopping by!

~Mrs. S

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