Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello, people of the world!

I am finally sitting down after a super busy morning. 

We go to a playgroup every Thursday morning at our church and even though I try my hardest to do all the morning duties, it seems like I am always running out of the house with my head cut off! I guess it is the way it goes when summer is over and things get rolling!

1. I have been considering getting an iWatch for different reasons, but have yet to make up my mind. My old self would have purchased one (probably on credit) and not even give it a second thought, but my new budget-conscious self is telling me I need to rrreeeaaalllyyy think about how much I need/want it before I invest in something that is not a necessity rather a luxury. I am feeling the same way about new running shoes, but that is a whole other story! Either way, I am proud of myself for leaving my reckless spending self behind and learning how to manage my funds like an adult!

2. Speaking of play group and other kids close to the twins's age... There is another child who is saying SO many words, it is making me feel like F&S are behind on speech development! I am more concerned that I am worried about it, but the kids mom keeps telling me that the twins are doing great as long as they understand what I say, and can say some words (which they do).  It's part of parenting, but it is really hard to not compare the twins development to other children, AH!

3. Football season has started again and the Mr. is in full swing with practice, scrimmages, and so forth. It is an exciting time of year, but also a stressful time, as I don't have the extra help and it gets kind of boring by myself. The good thing is I know so many more people now than I did last year at this time, the bad thing is that it is difficult to haul the kids back and forth by myself, so I'm not looking forward to having to leave the house much if I want to get out. These are the times when I wish I lived near family :(

4. Is anyone else just not into the olympics? I get it that it is incredibly difficult to make it to the olympics and the talent these athletes display is remarkable, but should I feel bad that I am just not interested? I can watch a few minutes, but race after race, meet after meet, I just find it so repetitive, and BORING (please don't hate me if you disagree!). As much as it pains me to say it, I LOVE trash reality TV, give me some Bachelor in Paradise, or a Real Housewives of anywhere, and I am happy!

5. I recently read an article about gym "selfies" and how people who post them are narcissistic attention seekers who use working out as a way to gain acceptance. I follow an awesome trainer, Emily Skye, and she addressed the article trying to defend her hourly posts with workout tips and videos. The thing is that I am not bothered by fitness posts at all. I think the trainers who post are smart for business reasons, and people who sell fitness products (such as advocare/herbalife/shakeology) more power to them! As much as I wonder why some people post excessively for no purpose, in reality, I DON'T CARE!

So random, and probably kind of boring, but thanks for following along!
Hope to hear your thoughts!
~Mrs. S

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  1. I know what you mean about not being able to help but compare your kids development...i worry too, although we knew ahead of time my daughter would be behind in speech because of her cleft palate. She definitely understands everything and knows how to communicate so I know the rest will come later.
    And YES--OMG, was not interested at all in the Olympics this summer. I got a lot of weird looks from my family when I said I wasn't keeping up, lol.