June 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to do a June post since so many fun things happened!

June 1st we headed to Colorado which I wrote about here.

June 11th,  we watched my sister Nancy marry her best friend in Dallas.

We drove up that afternoon and stayed at the Nylo in Plano. The wedding was in east Dallas so we got ready and headed there around 3. The kids didn't really take an official nap so Ford ended up falling asleep right when we got there. Sloane was up for the whole deal and was well behaved the entire ceremony (while Ford was quite the vocal guest, as you can see from the pic below)

The ceremony was in the same building as the reception so after the chairs were moved and pictures were taken, dinner was served. My family is Mexican, so of course the traditional wedding dinner was served, meat-beans-rice! It was sooo delicious and to show you what an untraditional bride my sis was, she cooked the meal herself! I mean she is a professional chef (at Bob's Steak and Chop house in Dallas) but really, Nance?!

Anyway, Sloane devoured it as did I!

Unfortunately, the building's air condition unit was not strong enough to fight the 90 something degree weather as well as it should have, so I was super sweaty. I had fixed my hair down with waves, but had to eventually put it up in a bun as I was soo hot!

Either way, we had a blast and we are so happy for my sis!

June 19th, we celebrated the Mr.'s second fathers day with a short trip to OKC for dinner in brick town. We came home and watered the garden, the kids helped. 

June 22nd, we headed for our annual Simmonds family beach vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We played in the sand, swam at the beach and pool, and ate at the all inclusive buffets and dinner the entire trip!

Our hotel provided photographers on the beach that just came up to you and took pics. I loved this one of Sloane. 

On the way there, and back, we were able to move to an empty row of seats so Ford was able to get his own seat! It was awesome in that I didn't have to hold him the entire 4.5 hour flight, but he was still antsy and we passed him and Sloane around quite a bit until they would both get tired. 

About 45 minutes away from Ada, we are lucky enough to have a natural spring river that has a huge waterfall called Turner Falls. We decided to check it out and we are so glad we did. The water is so clear and cold, but swimmable nonetheless and even though there are quite a few visitors during the summer, we were able to take a picnic and enjoy the afternoon. The kids were worn out so this was right before  we got in the car to go home!

This summer has been one for exploring what the kids like to eat. We have a pretty consistent rotation of meatballs, spaghetti, pizza, turkey/ham-lunchables, ramen noodles, bean/meat burritos, sloppy joes, and a variety of sides. I gave Ford a pomegranate popsicle and he was all about it!

Today the kids turn 18 months, if you can believe it!

We had a little photo shoot outside to document the day!

Hope you are all having a great summer!

~Mrs. S