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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Today I want to discuss my thoughts on the Grammy awards, a show I actually have been looking forward to the past few years. I didn't care for them much for a while, but I think it was because I wasn't really into mainstream music for a long time, not that I am now, I just love the live performances and seeing the direction that popular music is taking these days.

1. The show opened with a "meh" performance by ol' Taylor Swift. I don't know about y'all but I actually would have preferred her to sing a more well known song, Blank Space, maybe Wildest Dreams with a Scott Eastwood cameo or something, I wasn't really that into her song or performance. I also was not into her Versaci outfit, I think the top was too short, I know the look she was going for, which I love the crop top look, but her top needed like an inch or two more, it was like a bra!

2. Can we talk about the intense chemistry between Sam and Carrie on their performance?!
I have seen her duet with other artists, but I have never seen her sing to someone so deeply, it kind of scares me into thinking there might be a divorce in the air and a Hunterwood affair in the making!

3. I LOOVVVVEEEDDD The Eagles tribute of "Taking it Easy" to Glenn Frye, what a neat performance and even though the guys sounded like harmonious angels to my ears, you could see the melancholy in their eyes of losing such a great friend and bandmate...

4. I didn't care much for Adele's performance, mainly because I didn't really like the song, it wasn't powerful enough for me. I didn't care too much for Tori Kelly's or Justin's song either (I like the recorded version of his song better). I was however impressed with Demi Lovato's singing in the tribute to Lionel, she actually sang better than I have ever heard her.

5. I didn't hate Kendrick's performance, but I didn't love it either. I think his message is strong, but the screaming at the end was a little too intense for my 10:00pm mind. Props to him for 11 nominations however.

6. Please tell me I am not the only one who values the historical value of the musical Hamilton. It may come as a surprise to most, but I don't really care for musicals. However, it was definitely something that kept my attention, but mostly I really appreciated that the story shares historical knowledge, and maybe kids these days will learn something!

7. Pitbull's performance at the end was more comical than anything to me. I don't think he is talentless, but he could have performed a song with a little more core than "Taxi" I think it was cheesy, and even though Sofia Vergara made a short appearance to shake her Columbian booty, I still wasn't wowed. 

8. Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga. All the Mr. could talk about was how weird she looked and how it freaked him out how man-ish she looked, but honestly I think she did great. I don'y know of any other person who could have done a tribute as good, even though I am not at all into David Bowie (I just don't know his stuff, ok?!) I will always give credit to talent where credit is due, and LG definitely deserves it. 

9. Am I the only one who is just not into Beyonce, I thought she looked depressed, and was talking kind of like she had been crying a minute before she came out... I might get some backlash for thinking this, but I really don't think she is everything. Sorry not sorry. 

10. Overall, I really appreciated the effort of the Grammy's to incorporate all genres of music, more so than in previous years. I think the young pianist who played a jazz piece was a nice ode to music education, and I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of performances, even if I wasn't blown away with all of them. 

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