A win and SMU homecoming!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello again my lovely readers!

I am so proud to say that my husbands football season is taking a turn for the better.
They lost their first game, won the second, and lost their third so it was really important that they win their fourth game because not only was it at home but we were hosting the after game dinner at my house! The game was really close till the last 2 minutes and we WON! Everyone was in great spirits after the game and I really think we are going to do well the rest of the season.

The team plays their games down the street at East Central University so the stadium is pretty cool. The weather was perfect and the moon was beautiful.

Mid game selfie with Sloane

After the game we set up my (tiny) dining room to host the dinner... We had quite the spread with sandwiches from Jersey Mikes and tons of sides sadly not pictured :(

Saturday, the football fun continued at SMU homecoming. This year marks the 100th year of SMU's opening so there were quite a few reasons to celebrate!

We headed down Saturday morning and made it to the Boulevard for the homecoming parade and some BBQ at the Meadows tailgate.

The babies enjoyed seeing all of the parade floats and people watching. 

Sloane was so cute in her cheerleading outfit!

Ford in his Mustang hat...

We didn't last too long at the game, but we did enjoy being at Ford stadium.

We headed to our hotel only to find out that the twins loooooove hotel beds! The must have wiggled around and played for about 2 hours! They didn't fall asleep till 10:30 or so....

On Sunday. we headed to the Dallas Arboretum to take pictures at the pumpkin patch.
The babies were tired and it was kind of hot, but I got a couple of good shots. 

We headed home, and slept in on Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
~Mrs. S

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