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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to share with you all some of my favorite blogs.
I have been blogging for a little over 5 years and at first I did it because one of my closest friends had a blog, but eventually I decided that I really enjoyed blogging and am so glad I embarked on this journey to exploring the blogosphere!

My first blog, was a bust. I was learning the ropes and mostly searching other blogs and picking up things here and there about content, design, and what makes a great blog. But eventually I picked it up a notch and started a new blog and actually paid someone to design a layout for me.
My blog has become a fun little hobby where I document my life and the events surrounding it, and after several years I have come to realize I may not make money doing it or have thousands of followers like other bloggers, but I still love it!

I especially love following along with other awesome bloggers that I want to introduce y'all to.

First up is my girl Chelsea of "The Perfect Catch" blog.

Chelsea is a super sweet fellow Texan who is happily married with a darling boy Jack, and another on boy the way! Chelsea has a beautiful home and blogs about everything from her love of Halloween to trips to Colorado with her family. Chelsea has always been a big supporter of my blog, and for that I am thankful!
You can follow her on IG

Next up is Natasha's "Hello Happiness" 

Natasha is a Nashville native with a fun blog that pretty much could teach a course on blogging.
She has 2 sweet girls and throws them the cutest birthday parties, ever, and is now owner of the online shopping site "Sugarbit" She hosts a popular linkup every Friday "5 on Friday" and can be found on IG

Annie of "Home of Malones" is another favorite blogger of mine, and lives where we all wish we could live, in Florida!

As you can read from her "About Me" section, she has something in common with everyone. I have followed her for a while and love how she blogs about things I can actually use, like her post today on organizing your email! I knew this service was available, I just never actually took the time to research it and do it, she makes it seem so easy. You can follow her on IG and catch a glimpse of her adorable boy, her growing belly with a baby girl on the way, and her fabulous house at:

Anyone with a blog name the same as a Beatles song is all right with me!
"All you need is Love"  is a lifestyle blog written by the lovely Emily, who lives in Princeton, New Jersey. Emily shares her everyday life as a mommy of a toddler, and soon a baby girl. 
This lady is a consistent blogger, and writes about everything from living in the North East to the best baby products. I love her fashion sense and enjoy reading her blog. 
She is also on IG 

Ashley is everything every girl wishes she could be, smart, athletic, beautiful, and witty.
"Run With Me" is a blog that I think is supposed to document her life and love of fitness, but really is a hilarious look into the life of a hard working and self aware person who cares more about her convictions than following the trends, or at least that is what I have picked up. She has posted some pretty honest posts and I really admire her for that.
Her Instagram is a great way to see this "real" lady and her life in the ATL.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed checking out these blogs, you probably already follow them, but if not you should!

Here's to one more day till the weekend!
~Mrs. S


  1. You are SO kind Cat!!! Thank you much for including me in your favorites list... thankful to have wonderful readers to connect with and I hope you enjoy!! ;) OXOX

  2. Cat, thank you!!! This truly made my week!! You're so kind and I truly appreciate your sweet words. I sometimes feel like my mom is my only reader and fan!! Haha! :-)

  3. Thank you for your kind words cat!! You are too sweet! I love this idea of sharing your favorite blogs too. You made my day :)