Monday, June 15, 2015


Summer is here and I am finally getting around to updating you lovely readers on all things in the suburbs of Dallas.

So, the last day of school was June 5th and of course I was so glad cause I finally get to spend all day with the babies! It was also sad cause my mom didn't have to take care of the babies anymore which means she moved out :( 

The babies turned 4 months on May 15, I turned 31 on May 2nd, the same day as Princess Charlotte was born! I definitely lived it up eating brunch at Blue Mesa/dinner at Fish City Grill and spending time with family (haha lived it up).

I spent my first Mother's Day at home with rainy weather and a wonderful time with the twins and the Mr. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

As usual, Ford is a ham and Sloane is a sweetie.

A few weeks ago we surprised my sis Nance with a small sprinkle for her baby girl.
I can always count on Trader Joe's for the best fresh flowers. I made these arrangements for the table.

Me and the Sloane

My beautiful sister.

I am always snapping photos of the twins since every day it seems like they are growing so much and I want to remember them during these sweet times.

The Mr. jokes that Ford is posing like a soldier during the civil war...

Today, the babies turned 5 months.
I am so grateful for my mother in law. She sends the babies a huge bag loads of clothes like every two weeks so for their monthly pictures I try to dress them with all the cute clothes she sends. I loved this months outfits!

Even though Ford slobbered all over his bubble, I still love this picture.

My little love bug Sloane looks adorable in this pic. 
She looks so chubby from this angle, but I love how I was able to clinch a bow on her short hair.

Hope you all enjoyed reading, 
I miss blogging and hope to return more regularly soon!

Till then, 
Mrs. S