My take on mommyhood so far.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Monday marked what would have been our 40 week official due date for the babies.

I am overjoyed with how much my life has changed for the better since having these two little ones.
Nobody prepares you for the amount of love, work, sleep depravation, or problem solving skills you feel or have to figure out when you have a baby, let alone two! I feel like writing a book about it someday. Either way, we are almost 3 weeks in on Thursday and I thought I would share some of our experiences as parents. 

1. Birthing recovery is no joke, but it's also not the end of the world. I am feeling absolutely myself since 2 weeks passed last week. I advice all you motherless women to embrace childbirth instead of be scared, doctors know what they are doing and recovery can be painless if you pace yourself and don't overestimate your physical ability.

2. Belly Bandits are God's gift to a new mom. I love mine and would highly recommend all future mommy's get one. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and have lost 36 of it already. I know it is a combination of breast feeding, and losing placenta fluids blah, blah, blah, but my belly is almost back to normal looking because of the belly bandit. I just know it, plus my belly button has pressed back in, I had a serious outie during my pregnancy.

3. Babies ONLY sleep and eat as newborns. I am not sure if I expected something different or not, being a first time mom, I just didn't think that is all that would go on. Can't wait till they can stay awake and play/wiggle around on their own. 

4. You will NOT leave your house, or at least you will not want to. I didn't leave my hospital room after delivery for 4 days. I haven't left my house except for to Pedi appts, and 1 appt for me to the OB, oh wait, I went to Walgreen's for an errand, but I haven't stepped foot anywhere else in 3 weeks!
I have chosen not to leave my house since I don't want to leave my kids, but also, I feel like I look like death so I have no interest in being seen in public.

5. Breast feeding/pumping will take more of your time/energy/emotions than anything else. 
I feel like I am constantly having to keep up with my demand which is every 2 hours, 5 oz!
If I had a singleton, I think I would have enough supply for exclusively breast feeding, plus the next year, but with two, I am highly doubtful I will ever actually store it, let alone have enough for when I "go back to work". It is my reality and I wish it was otherwise, but for now it is %50 breast milk, %50 formula. 

6. Newborn's poop is one of the most hilarious concepts, ever. It varies from "rocket farts" as we nicknamed them, to nonexistent which makes us worry rather than laugh. But, nothing makes us crack up more than a peaceful baby interrupted by a sudden "shart" that brings them to an crying episode until they are changed.

7. Make sure you and your husband agree on the little things regarding all things baby. Meaning, pacifiers, where they sleep, who can come over after babies are born, what are your thoughts on doing everything the hospital tells you vs. what your parents/internet tells you, who gets to sleep/when...
Believe it or not, the smallest disagreement will determine how easy those first few days/weeks go.
Compromise, and ask your pediatrician as many questions as you can think of on that 1st week visit. 

8. Dogs. If you have dogs, they will eventually get a clue, but be ready for it to be a difficult process. My two dogs are worlds apart as far as characteristics go, one is calm and distant, one is always excited when anyone is around and super needy. You can guess which one had the hardest time adjusting to 2 new family members that take up all of our time/attention. My husband is a little more forgiving to my hyper dogs' antics, but if it were my choice, I would send Wrigley to obedience school for at least 2 months till the babies are a little older and I don't have to push her off the couch every time she smothers them and doesn't mind our orders.

9. Showers, oh showers. Because we eat/sleep/shower/do anything around our babies schedule's shower's are a special time for the Mr. and I. Whether I get to wash my hair and shave my legs, or do a quick rinse, showers are like a natural high where nothing compares. I have always cherished long 20 minute showers, but I never realized how much more I do now that they are so rare...

10. The amount of love, pride, and selflessness you will feel when having children is beyond belief. I feel so much love for my two babies, I can't stop kissing them and telling them constantly. My husband and I both just sit around and watch them sleep in silence, and talk about how we never expected to have such beautiful, good, babies. At the same time, I am so proud of the capacity to which the Mr. and I have adjusted being that we are first time parents and we have 2 babies at once. We put all of our needs out the window and cater to these munchkins all day long. I have not worn make up in 3 weeks and I don't mind.

Hope you enjoyed my take on parenthood so far.

Now, some pictures!

Miss Sloane Kate

Mister Ford

Till next time,