Baby names

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello lovely readers!

Yes, I am officially on vacation/maternity leave until March 30th and I could not be more excited,
I am 34 weeks today and I have 3 more weeks to go till the twins get here!

So what is in a name?

Before we were planning to expand our family, we always talked about names for our future children.

My MIL would throw out names at least once every time I saw her since the first day we got married, but ultimately it was going to be the Mr. and I who decided.

We determined that the name 
"Ford Michael Simmonds"
was perfect for our first son.

One of the first names we thought of and agreed on from the very beginning of this topic (years ago) was the name Ford.
We both felt like it was a strong name even though it is short and simple. 
I am also hispanic and even though it is wrong for me to stereotype my own people, I figured it would be a name that not only my family would recognize since half of them drive Ford pick-ups, but they would be able to pronounce it/spell it ;)

When we found out we were having twins, we thought if we had 2 boys, Ford would definitely be one of their names. The Mr. would have chosen Nash, Cash, or anything with ash at the end, just kidding...
I would have loved to name our second boy Jett, or Dean, Hudson would have been cool too. We are happy with our choice, and who knows we might have to choose another boy name in the future, sooo its good to have back ups. Michael, is my FIL's name so that was an easy choice for a middle name.

For our daughter, we settled on
Sloane Katherine Simmonds

The name Sloane came from my MIL. She mentioned the name years ago, and although I liked it, I was set on naming my daughter Hadley Grace after watching the movie "Written on the Wind" where the name of the family/town is Hadley, and I loved it as a name for my future baby girl. Well, the Mr. was never sold and thought the name was going to be very common soon (which it is now) so on our trip to London, there was a beautiful street we walked around named Sloane Street with amazing shopping and luxury apartments, and we decided then it would be our daughters name if we ever had one (which made my MIL very happy). We also really like the sound of Sloane Simmonds... I have always wished my name was Katherine since my real name is the Spanish version of that name. When I was growing up I hated how unique/long my name was, but now that I am older I like it much more. People always complement me on it (its Catalina BTW). So, my daughter's middle name is the name I always wish I had, there I said it!

Ford and Sloane also sounds nice, I think. So there it is, the reason why we chose those names for my twin babies.

What is the meaning behind your child's name?
Please share, and I look forward to reading about it.

Thanks for stopping by, 
~Mrs. S


  1. I love their names so much! They are unique and strong. And I'm so excited for you that you are officially on vacation/leave now. Enjoy it! I love our first born's name, but it was so not what I was going for originally. I'm drawn to names that are more unique, but hubby one this battle. It's funny though because now I can't imagine him being named anything else.

  2. Wow, I LOVE both of the names you have chosen! Beautfiul. I stumbled upon your website while searching for baby names. I'm 37 weeks, and decided just YESTERDAY that the name we have been stuck on all along just ISN'T GOING TO WORK, gah! We were decided on 'Gunther Nash', but we now know that though his head and torso are in the 95%, he is very (very) short. I don't want people (kids) teasing (Gunther = 'Oger' or something of the like). Curious to know what some of your other favorite names are?