Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello Lovely Readers!

As I relax on my bed watching the AMA's, (and grow two babies) in my belly I wonder how I got so blessed with so many wonderful friends and colleagues. 

Last Thursday, my fellow orchestra teacher friends threw me an incredible mid week no less shower for the babies. I had such a lovely time eating delicious food, visiting with my friends about all things baby, our upcoming week off, and opening some amazing gifts!

My hosts included the 2 high school orchestra teachers that my school feeds into, and a fellow middle school teacher and her daughters. I will let my pictures do all of the talking :)

How fun is this cake?!

All my orchestra teaching colleagues

Delicious Moldovan spread

Adorable gifts for Ford and Sloane

I chose this high chair because the color is Catalina Ice, I couldn't resist a high chair with a color that's my name!

We got a ton of diapers, and funny enough, we read our babies could use anywhere from 900-1400 diapers in the first 2 months! I think we are good on at least that, but geez!

I have my fifth and final baby shower at school with my fellow teachers and coworkers the week we get back from break, and I am so excited.

I can't believe tomorrow I will be 30 weeks! We go tour our potential hospital tomorrow, and I go see my babies on Wednesday to make sure everything is good. I feel them moving all day long I cant wait to actually see them again. 

Stuff we still need to do/take care of:
Install car seats
Get rug/curtains for nursery
find a pediatrician
Arrange pregnancy leave paperwork
and so much more...


Please pray for me and my babies/family these next few weeks,

and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

~Mrs. S


  1. Looks like a fun shower...and you look amazing! Enjoy this fun time. And yes, whenever you think you have plenty of diapers...go buy a few more!