Thanksgiving Break

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello Everyone!

One of the awesome perks of being a teacher is we get Winter, Spring, Summer, and Thanksgiving break. My district is pretty much go-go-go from the first day of school till november so that we can have the full week of Thanksgiving off, which couldn't have come at a better time this year as we had so much stuff to do in the nursery!

Monday we went and checked out the hospital where we will be delivering. It is literally 2 years old, and beautiful. We feel really lucky that we get to have our baby there, it is only about 15 minutes from where we live, and it just felt right. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a new restaurant in McKinney square called Harvest. It is one of those new "farm to table" concept eateries and we enjoyed everything we were served including the introductory bread basket, the cajun shrimp, and my delicious burger. The decor and ambiance did not disappoint either as we felt like we were in a chic New York restaurant with dim lighting and cool art on the walls. 

Tuesday, I met up with a former student (who gifted me this adorable bow set for Sloane)
for lunch.

We decided to go to Tulsa for thanksgiving and left Wednesday afternoon.

It took us a little longer to get to Tulsa than usual since EVERYONE was traveling on Wednesday, but we made it and headed out to dinner (at 9:00pm).

Thursday we had Thanksgiving lunch at the Mr.'s grandma's house, it was lovely.
This is Nan, his grandma...

This is me and the bullies being lazy after stuffing my face...

We are very close to his grandma, she has been such a blessing to us many times. 

Friday we headed back to Dallas where I rested for about 1 minute, I was too anxious to use the sewing/embroidery machine my mother in law let me borrow. We headed to Jo'Ann to stock up on thread and supplies for me to be able to monogram items for Ford and Sloane. 

Here is what I have come up with that I have pictures of, so far!

The machine is so easy to use, and it is going to save me so much money since I will not have to pay for items to get monogrammed, I mean look at this cuteness,

All done by yours truly!

Saturday night, I finally got to meet my new nephew Jacob, who also got a monogrammed blanket from my latest embroidery adventures, and he was a doll.

So tiny and cute!

I am getting more and more anxious to meet my little ones, and if all goes well, that will be in approximately 5 or so weeks. 

I have 3 weeks left at school before Winter break, and I know for a fact, it will go by so fast.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday, I can't wait to read all about them on your blogs!

~Mrs. S


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello Lovely Readers!

As I relax on my bed watching the AMA's, (and grow two babies) in my belly I wonder how I got so blessed with so many wonderful friends and colleagues. 

Last Thursday, my fellow orchestra teacher friends threw me an incredible mid week no less shower for the babies. I had such a lovely time eating delicious food, visiting with my friends about all things baby, our upcoming week off, and opening some amazing gifts!

My hosts included the 2 high school orchestra teachers that my school feeds into, and a fellow middle school teacher and her daughters. I will let my pictures do all of the talking :)

How fun is this cake?!

All my orchestra teaching colleagues

Delicious Moldovan spread

Adorable gifts for Ford and Sloane

I chose this high chair because the color is Catalina Ice, I couldn't resist a high chair with a color that's my name!

We got a ton of diapers, and funny enough, we read our babies could use anywhere from 900-1400 diapers in the first 2 months! I think we are good on at least that, but geez!

I have my fifth and final baby shower at school with my fellow teachers and coworkers the week we get back from break, and I am so excited.

I can't believe tomorrow I will be 30 weeks! We go tour our potential hospital tomorrow, and I go see my babies on Wednesday to make sure everything is good. I feel them moving all day long I cant wait to actually see them again. 

Stuff we still need to do/take care of:
Install car seats
Get rug/curtains for nursery
find a pediatrician
Arrange pregnancy leave paperwork
and so much more...


Please pray for me and my babies/family these next few weeks,

and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

~Mrs. S


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hi lovely readers!

It's been a hot minute, and although I could do bumpdates, and update y'all on all things Simmonds Babies, I have been too busy teaching lessons, having concerts, and trying to spend as much time resting since I am so tired by the end of the day.

Anywhoooo, enough of the excuses, I want to share with you the awesome baby shower my husbands aunts threw for me in Tulsa.

I didn't expect to get so many lovely gifts, especially from my mother in law who outdid herself on about 10 outfits for each baby, plus hats, bows, shoes, bibs, basically any accessory that can be worn by a baby. These Oklahoma ladies sure know how to spoil an expecting mother, here are some pics of the day.

This was me by the beautiful cake :)

My MIL on the very left, and her two sisters who threw me the shower

As you can see from all the gifts around me, the Mr.'s family is very giving.

This is one of the 2 beautiful quilts that one of the Mr.'s aunt made for me.

I had a lovely time celebrating the coming of my babies with the Mr.'s family, I am so grateful to all these ladies who showed my babies so much love!

My orchestra teacher colleagues are having a shower for me in a few weeks, so excited to celebrate my babies with loved ones!

Thanks for stopping by,
~Mrs. S