Exciting News!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello All!

This is it, the post I have been wanting to share with the blogging world for quite a while now.

The post with perhaps the most exciting news I have ever shared with anyone,
in my whole 30 years of life :)

I am so excited to share that we are not just expecting 1 baby, but 2!

The Simmonds family will grow by two little humans by probably January 2015!

Our due date is officially February 2, 2015 (40 weeks), 
but with twins, the norm is to have a 36 week pregnancy which can make our two little bundles arrival as early as New Years!

I wanted to share some photos of our announcement post that I shared on Facebook and Instagram a few weeks ago.

We took these in Cabo on vacation, and I made a photo collage to post on FB.

I haven't shared these sonogram pictures anywhere, but I find it fascinating how much has happened in a matter of 6 weeks, all in my belly

This is at 6 weeks, 

9 weeks, 

and 12 weeks, 

Can you believe the difference!

We have a guess from the doc's on the genders, but we are going to wait till we have official confirmation so we can do a fun gender reveal. Nothing crazy, just family and some close friends.

I haven't had any wild symptoms (thank God), just some tiredness and lots of trips to the bathroom. Oh and the lack of sleep, but are so excited I don't even care that my sleep cycle is completely jacked. Luckily, I am getting a second trimester blast of energy these past few days so I am taking care of some necessary duties before school starts back up. It will be interesting how fast/slow this semester goes, but I am looking forward to all the exciting events to come.

I hope you all are having a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S

New England Getaway

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello Bloggers and readers!

I hope your summer is going amazing so far. 

I have less than a month before school things start to happen, but I am excited to say that this summer has been fantastic so far. 

Last week, I had an assignment from one of my students parents. 

After my student got a full scholarship to Attend Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music in New Hampshire, I was asked to fly with her to Boston and deliver her to the camp itself near Keene, New Hampshire. I gladly accepted this request since I myself attended this music camp 15 years ago, yes 15!

Since I know the the driving atmosphere of the Boston area, and I am not much of an explorer when it comes to the unknown, I decided to ask my husband to come along and drive us to the camp. He loves the New England area, and decided to spend the weekend there after we completed our assignment.

So as usual, I will let my photos describe the trip for you!

Apple Hill was sooooo beautiful, even more than I remembered. It smelled unbelievable with fresh flowers and perfectly manicured gardens!

Our journey to and from New Hampshire was a sight to see, New England is just a part of the country everyone should drive through at least once in their lifetime.

Rivers, and mountains, and lakes, oh my!

From there on our trip back to the city of Boston was full of walking around the new area of Seaport  by the Boston Harbor and eating at yummy restaurants the for our first day and a half, 

The rest of the trip we stayed in Cambridge thinking it would be cool to stay around the Harvard area, boy were we wrong, it was more quiet than the city, but Harvard Square didn't really do it for us.

This was the only cool picture I took in one of the Harvard courtyards, of course I loved the head sized hydrangeas...

The next day, we headed to Crane Beach, it was wonderful. We enjoyed driving up Massachusetts and to the coast, there were beautiful colonial homes everywhere!

The beach was beautiful of course!

The next stop was Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a beautiful costal area with the coolest town square, 
We stopped by a lobster place (kind of a shack) that had this 2 pound lobster and some amazing lobster chowder, how cute was this little stand?

The town of Portsmouth was so charming, we grabbed some ice cream and walked around

We had a nice relaxing time exploring New England, as well as eating some of the best seafood possible!

We were in 3 states in a matter of 5 hours, 


A trip that started out as a favor, ended up being a great getaway for the Mr. and I

Thanks for stopping by, 

~Mrs. S