Edgefest 24

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello All,

I think we all know I am a huge fan of live music.

Last weekend I had the opportunity of attending 102.1's Edgefest at Frisco's very own 
FC Dallas Toyota Stadium.

The lineup was pretty rockin' including Beck, Bastille, and The Avett Brothers.

I am a huge fan of Bastille, and have a huge crush on the lead singer Dan Smith!
(dont worry my husband knows all about it, and does not mind)

We arrived at the festival around 5:30pm and the stadium was already full of people

We walked around for a bit until Bastille came on

They were so amazing live, and Dan is better looking live than on TV, pics!

How fun is his faux-hawk?!

I was watching the bassist some, and you could tell he was so perplexed by the number or girls that were crowd surfing their whole set! It was kind of funny how those girls were being thrown around. It may be that I am getting older, but I was quite content standing where I was, crowd surfing, no thanks!

This guy was the best singer I have ever heard live, Pompeii sounded just like the record as did all the other songs. And he was sporting some USA flag shoes!

I read the next day that he was a Jake's Burgers across the street, which you know I was so sad I didn't think of going there, cause I could have met him :(

The Avett Brothers played after, and they were amazing also!

If you like, Dave Matthews, Classic Rock, or rockabilly music the likes of String Cheese Incident/Widespread Panic, then you would love the Avett Bros.

Of course my favorite part was their inclusion of not just violin, but cello in all their songs!

As a string player and teacher, it is so great to know that new music is opening up opportunities to classical musicians and shows my students that cello and violin can be just as rockin' as the guitar or drums. 

These guys were just awesome, great music and great energy.

The concert was such a fun event to kick of my 30th birthday week, 
can't wait to share with y'all my birthday festivities from this weekend!

~Mrs. S

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  1. How much fun! I am so, so jealous! The Avett Brothers are my absolute fave. I've seen them once and they were great live. Happy Birthday!!!