Weekend Update

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello Blogging world!

I am so excited that we have no school tomorrow. 

It was a long week and even though we just had a nice two week long break, it is still nice to know that this week will go by much faster since there is no school Monday!

Last Tuesday, I convinced the Mr. to take me on a mid week date to the Winspear Opera House in downtown to see violinist David Garrett perform. This guy is a total babe and he plays amazing.

It was our first time at the Winspear and it was beautiful.

This really cool light installation rises into the ceiling when the shows are ready to begin.

The concert was unbelievable, he played music from all genres and even the Mr. was highly entertained! 

I couldn't see him up close during the concert since we were sitting so high up (nosebleed section), but this guy is super good looking!

I went with my thigh highs for this performance

Friday, I hosted the annual talent show at my school, which was awesome!

Saturday, we decided to make a re recipe from the new Food Network Magazine subscription my student gifted me and it was a huge success.

The Mr. and I both love seafood, so we made bouillabaisse. It took about 2 hours and it was a tad expensive, but so worth it!

This was the picture on the magazine, 

This was our version

We will definitely be making it again sometime!

Thank goodness the Mr. is good at following recipes.

Hope you all have a fabulous 3 day weekend!

~Mrs. S

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  1. Food Network magazine is the best. The recipe looks great! I hope you are having a great Sunday!