Week Off!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Blogging world!

Yes, it is 10:30 in the morning and I am writing a blog post because I have the whole week off and I am starting it off with a lazy morning of blogging on this wet and chili day!

I have been anticipating this week off, but the days leasing up to it were nothing less than fun with several events going on including the Culture Map event las Wednesday.

I received and email from a fellow Vivaldi Patron Circle member about the event at The Joule Hotel hosted by Culture Map, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center's Alliance group,  and The Dallas Museum of Art's Junior Associates. These events serve as an opportunity for young professionals in the Dallas area to learn about how to get involved with charity organizations and knowing me, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to network and spread the word about Vivldi. It also helped that I got to hang out with my gals who who joined me for some mid week fun!

Photo-booth crazy-ness, we must have taken dozens of pictures!

Downtown artwork we could see from the terrace of The Joule

Myself, Michelle, Kursten, and Amy

Love these gals!

Saturday, the Mr.'s team played in the quarterfinals against Bishop Dunne at Corsicana High School's stadium. It was freezing, but thanks to the Mr. his family and I got to sit inside the press box!

They shutout Dunne in a 31-0 win, which means they play the semi final's next Saturday in Plano.

Windy and cold day out at Corsicana stadium

Prayer after the victory

My brother in law who attends Oklahoma State camped out Friday night to appear on ESPN's College Game Day, and thats him with the "Bennett eats bullets for breakfast"
Coach Bennett was the Mr.'s coach at SMU...

Saturday night we celebrated by going to Randy White's BBQ in Frisco, then relaxed yesterday while it rained and sleeted a bit here in McKinney.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, 
thanks for stopping by and follow me on Instagram @catsimmonds to get up to date pictures on my goings on!

~Mrs. S

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