Weekend Update

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. 

As you all know, I am a live music junkie! From going to the the Dallas Symphony, to the amazing acts that come to Dallas throughout the year, I am always up for live music. 

In June, I received an email from AmEx about early purchase dates for The Eagles concert in October. Of course I took advantage of it and bought my tickets as soon as the date arrived. 
I LOVE The Eagles.

I grew up knowing "Hotel California" as the one American song my mom actually liked.
In college was introduced to more of their songs and now I consider my Eagles Pandora station as my "driving to Dallas" station and listen to them all the time. In order to be prepped for the concert, I watched the Showtime Documentary "The History of the Eagles" and it was amazing! I learned so much about the band members and was surprised to learn that so much of their music was written about things that were going on in their lives at the time. The music was like a journal of their lives and described the culture of America at the time so perfectly. I felt so inspired and could not wait to go to the concert on Friday!

I never take selfies, but I do when I am with my rockin' ma, too bad we got photobombed by the crazy lady in the back!

Don and Glenn, such musical geniuses 

Don rocking out on the drums

The Eagles!

Tim Shmidt 

The American Airlines center was packed!

The Eagles, and my mom :)

One of the best voices in American Rock and Roll history

Saturday, I decided to participate in our annual neighborhood garage sale and sold a bunch of stuff that was just sitting in the garage. I felt so much better when the garage was finally clean!

Saturday night, we joined the Mr.'s coach friend and his girlfriend for a double date at his place.
He made grilled shrimp and cherry tomato pizza, it was so delicious! I was quite impressed.

For lunch today, we tried The Rusty Taco since we had not been to Mexican in months!
Then we headed to Trader Joe's. I mentioned to Zac how I was planning on just browsing, but we ended up getting so much food! One of the items that intrigued me was pumpkin bread.

I made it earlier and it was delicious!
I actually used my Kitchen Aid mixer :)

Yummy pumpkin bread, perfect for this gloomy fall weather!

How was you weekend?

Thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S


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