The Fear or Sharing your Opinion

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello All, 

I usually don't write about this kind of stuff because I am afraid.

Afraid of the people who read this and judge me for my opinions. 

Afraid of loosing my readers because they disagree with my opinions, 

and lastly, 

afraid of sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about.

I am a proud Christian, 
I truly believe in my heart that Jesus Christ died for me to be saved.
I know this because I feel His grace in my heart always, and because I once was a lost soul and when I was found, my life changed.

Good things started happening, and I don't mean things like I won a million dollars, or I landed my dream job, but more like I started to feel and think certain things as I learned more about the Bible and started going to church.

Growing up, my family did not attend mass (my parents were raised Catholic) unless we were going to a wedding or a quinceanera, and we certainly never read the Bible.

Like all rebellious teenagers and people of the like, I too dabbled in sneaking out and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I lived in a hispanic neighborhood where the girl next door to me and the one across the street got pregnant at 15, and the local gangs would declare their territory all over houses on my block. But most importantly, I went to a very liberal high school for performing arts where EVERYONE was trying to be unique and different. I knew atheist artists, lesbian and gay actors in the theater department, and there were definitely pothead musicians in the award winning jazz band all of whom were brilliant artists and ended up having successful careers in the arts as I have learned through social media. When I finally went to TCU, I met active Christians who professed their religious beliefs, basically for the first time in my life. 

I believe that your relationship with the Lord determines what you think about social matters such as racism, abortion laws, gun control, and politics in general. I was lost on how I felt about those matters in the past, but now I am more sure than ever of what I believe.

You can be an angry person and voice your anger about situations on Facebook or in the media. I have decided to not be one of those people, because I am scared. Even though I feel very strongly about those matters and believe that I am Biblically correct on my opinions.

I am scared that one day, God might surprise me and place me in a situation like the ones I have opined about and my convictions will be tested.

People are very quick to say their peace, when they have no peace in their heart.
If they did, they would not feel the need to create more wrong out of something that cannot be made right. 

That is all.  

~Mrs. S

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  1. Sorry I don't comment much (always due to lack of creativity on what to say) but I do read regularly and I am so with you on this one!

    I have strong opinions and beliefs--as a Christian, especially--but I completely relate when it comes to being slightly fearful; I hesitate to use the word "ashamed" because I'm not...but I feel like I already know how others who disagree with me view me, and as a result, I'm always on the defense, and I know my attitude reflects that.

    I used to get into a lot of "trouble" through Facebook because of my strong opinions, and so in the last few years I haven't really ventured much into revealing too much of myself or my thoughts, other than anything superficial. I am absolutely positive people I didn't know too well in person made harsh judgments about me through Facebook, and in turn would treat me pretty badly face to face. Another reason I hate social media!

    But in any case, you're not alone on this feeling! More than ever before, I definitely believe it's extremely difficult to be a Christian today.

    (Btw, I made my blog private and wanted to invite you, but couldn't find an email address. If you want to, you can send me a message:

    Take care!