Hard Night Good Morning Product Review

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello All!
I love to try new beauty products. Whether it's a new mascara or a new moisturizer, I like to see what new products are making headlines in the beauty world and try them for myself. 
When I was approached by the wonderful people at Hard Night Good Morning skincare to try out two of their products, I was beyond excited!

Their easy to navigate website immediately drew me to each of the products and it was really hard to choose just 2. I am a practical girl, and I really wanted to select something that I knew I would use.

For years, I have been self conscious about the dark circles around my eyes so naturally I went with the Eye Cream. This summer has been busy with events and hanging out with friends where I have to glam myself up, so I decided to choose the PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover as my second product, again being practical.

The first product I tried was the Eye Cream. I wanted to try it for a few days before I gave a full review, so here is a picture of my before... You can see the darkness around my eyes.

I loved the thickness of the cream, it made it dry much faster than other creams I have used in the past. I also really liked the container it came in, very sleek and classy. 

My favorite part was the effect it had on the upper area of eyes. The discoloration went away after a few days, and I noticed fewer wrinkles at the ends of my eyes. I am a teacher so the stress of work is usually visible in my eyes, and this cream helps erase some of that stress on my face! Here is my after...

As you can tell, the color of the area around my eyes is evened out with the rest of my face as opposed to before where is was definitely darker around my eyes. I used the cream in the morning, and at night, and didn't need to use much (just a small dot at my fingertips) which means this jar will last me at least a few months. 

For the PM oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover, here is my before...

And here is my after. 

The product removed the makeup, but I was most blown away by how refreshed my eyes felt after I used it. The cleanser wasn't oily like my previous makeup removers, and it also dried very quickly. You can also use the PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover on dry patches of skin and around the fine lines of the mouth to soften for a different result! 

I would highly recommend these products to everyone, whatever type of skin you have. I wish I could try the whole skincare line! 

This line of products was introduced 5 years ago by local Dallasite D'Andra Simmons and has been featured in Natural Health Magazine, Examiner.com, Boomerbuzz Magazine, and Refinery29. 

Thank you to Hard Night Good Morning for allowing me  to review these products.

Also, hurry up and order your Eye Cream now, the website is offering %15 off!

~Mrs. S

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