Days in Photos

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to share what's been going on in the Simmonds house the past few days, but in photos!

These were the fireworks at Craig Ranch on the 4th, we just had to walk 2 blocks and we could see them! 

Friday, I helped my friend Lisa shop for her upcoming cruise, I loved being her personal shopper!

Saturday, we found our friend Zak in this weeks issue of US Magazine, again!

Saturday night, I headed to Dallas for a girls night at Lee Harveys to listen to a "The Cure" cover band, they were called "LeCure" haha.

Michelle and I

Sunday, we HAD to work on our tans, well maybe not HAD to, but it was good to get some sun.

I tried on her RayBans, loved them and thinking about getting me a pair!

Sunday night, I had my sis Nancy over and my nephew Sebastian and the Mr. played video games for a while, Wrigley just watched.

Monday, we had to take Paisley to the vet for a swollen gland on her jaw and she was petrified of the doctor! Last summer she had to have surgery for a bump on her arm and she totally remembered this was the place where it happened!

I am such a memory-saver personality and love to cherish my memories by taking pictures of things.
However, I do feel some are worth sharing and some are worth keeping between you and loved ones.
Sometimes, I get annoyed at how open people are with their lives and are so willing to share too much.
Thank goodness I have a husband who prefers that I am filtered on social media, 
I will never be one of those people that takes selfies or is constantly asking for attention, so not me!
I will try to share more of my life/memories from my every day life with you all, but the best way is to follow me on Instagram, 

I will always follow back!

Are you obsessed with taking pictures?!
Do you get annoyed at some peoples TMI or selfies?!

Love to hear from you :)

~Mrs. S


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