3 Year Anniversary

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello all!

Last Wednesday June 26th, the Mr. and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!

We left for vacation on the 27th, so we decided to have a nice dinner at one of Dallas' newest and best seafood restaurant Spoon in Preston Center. This restaurant is run by John Tesar of all the Top Chef shows! We could actually watch him cooking from our table.

The table lamp was so cute, I had to get a picture.

We had a couple of samples brought to our table, this was a tuna tar tar app

I wore a fabulous dress from the new J Lo collection at Kohls, it was perfect for my body shape...

Annnnnnnnddddddd, the newest addition to my CL collection, these beautiful babies!

On your third year anniversary you are supposed to give a leather gift, so the Mr. got me these!!

I am so happy with them, they are perfect!

Happy Anniversary to my perfect husband!

~Mrs. S

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