Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello All!

There are 8 days of school left and although I wasn't as excited last week, my 4 day weekend reminded me of how nice it is to sleep in and actually have time to run errands and have some fun!

Thursday night was my last Guitar concert of the year...

Friday night, Zac and I spent a nice quiet evening at home...

Saturday night, the real fun started with a small get together at my fabulous friend Amy's of My +1,

We had food, games, and lots of pics,

All the ladies

Showing some My +1 Love, 

Such a fun night!

Y'all may remember from a previous post about the VPC event where I won a one night stay at Hotel ZaZa in uptown. Well after months of trying to book it, I finally was able to set a date last Sunday. It was such a treat to have a stay-cation in downtown Dallas and the best part was that it was FREE!

Fun pillows

The pool was happening on Memorial Day weekend

Showing some love to the American servicemen and women

Loved the patriotism at ZaZa

This hotel stay was technically for my birthday since it was earlier this month so the hotel made me a birthday cake :)

Paisley enjoyed the Dallas skyline at night

Wrigley and I chillin' on our balcony 

Paisley was sad we were leaving that morning...

This weekend is also full with fun events in Dallas, can't wait to share with y'all next week!

Thanks for stopping by!
~Mrs. S

Pray for Oklahoma

Monday, May 20, 2013

Such a tragedy.

I am terrified of tornados.

I can't believe all those kids died at that school.

Pray that this is the last of it.

~Mrs. S

Great Gatsby Review

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey Y'all!

I finally got a chance to see the Great Gatsby last night when my good friend Michelle invited me to Ladies Night at Studio Movie Grill.

I don't know about y'all but I am a huge fan of the old version. Robert Redford's sexy mystique paired with Mia Farrow's timeless elegance from her voice to her nuances, made for some pretty high expectations.

The OG's

Unfortunately, Leo and Carrey were no where near what I expected. Leo was an acting mess and Carrey was not convincing enough as Daisy. The movie was not supposed to be funny. It was supposed to teach you a lesson that love above all was the most important (the clock scene was just another reason the original was so much better, Redford did not need a comic situation to break the ice, he just used his unspoken affection to let Daisy know he was glad to finally see her). The sequence of the movie was off, for example, the parties and speak easy scenes were way to early in the movie for me, and the Isla Fisher city apartment scene gave away the secret of his affair much too early in the movie for me. Not to mention Tom Buchanan was not as convincing of a jerk as I would have liked, he was more of a D bag than a cheating B. Although the movie started out with a bang, party after party, the ending was a drawn out mess with an ending too long to bear. I am pretty bummed the narrator was an alcoholic looney bin patient. He didn't deserve to be such a big part of the movie considering it took away from the point of the movie which was the love between Daisy and J. Last but not least, I hated, absolutely hated how exposed J was in this version compared to the original. The back story behind his wealth was much more than I needed to know, I just wanted to think of J as a mysterious hot guy who wanted the love of his life, not that he was a social climber with hopes to impress a girl who ended up choosing money over love. And don't get me started on the "Ole Sports" ugggh.

If you liked Gatsby, great. There was some good moments, but I guarantee you will like the old version better if you give it a chance.

~Mrs. S

Weekend Recap

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello All!

This weekend was a fast, but fun one!

Friday night, was kind of low key.

Saturday, we headed to Tulsa for Mother's Day with the Mr.'s family.

We had family pictures taken for mother's day and spent the evening gambling at the Casino

This picture was taken with my phone, but I tried to edit it as much as I could. Im sure the professional ones will look much better!

Sunday, we went to the Mr.'s grandma's house and had a MD lunch.

She has the most beautiful peonies bush, and was kind enough to let me take a root of it home! I plan to plant it next to my new roses :)

I can only pray that I develop a green thumb like Nan and my MIL, check out her fence roses...

On another note, the new season of Mad Men has been blowing my mind, is anyone else watching?!

Thanks for stopping by!
~Mrs. S

May 4&5

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey Y'all!

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

The Mr. and I decided that we would try our luck on some more roses so we spent Saturday planting 5 more rose bushes in front of our windows. I swear I got a better workout doing that than going to the gym. Nothing like squatting and digging up dirt to make you sore!

We had some planters that had dead flowers so we  replaced them

New roses that we hope bloom out like our other ones

Yesterday, my sis Nancy and her son Sebastian came over

Wrigley and Sebas played soccer in the backyard

Beautiful weather

Nancy made a delicious Mexican style shrimp cocktail!
If you have never had it, it is the best thing...

Of course I had to get colorful flowers to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Hope you had a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S


Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey y'all!

Another birthday has come and gone. 

Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday of being in this world.

I received texts, phone calls, and FB shout outs from so many special people, and the Mr. and I had a wonderful dinner at one of my fave restaurants in the suburbs, Bonnie Ruth's.

I have always loved Birthdays, but for some reason (not because I am in my last year of my 20's) I didn't feel like blasting it out of control this year. 

The mister and I at dinner

We ate dinner so late cause I had lessons till 7, the restaurant was about to close so they were handing out free cupcakes, of course I chose the red velvet

My MIL was very generous this year with not one, but 2 great shoes for summer

Because Texas is so indecisive on what weather it wants, it was 45 degrees yesterday and we had to build a fire. The Paise and I loved staying warm by the fire. 

Sometimes its just nice to keep things low key.

~Mrs. S