A week in the Suburbs, and Dallas

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello all!

A week has come and gone around here, and this week in particular was super busy, and eventful.

Monday, regular lessons...

Tuesday, a masterclass at school with musicians from the Dallas Symphony, a very rare but amazing experience for the students, and for me.

Chris Adkins, principal cellist for the DSO, listened to 8 cello students play, and gave some of the best feedback I have heard in years in respect to performing, and life in general.

Favorite quote, "Fear of humiliation is sometimes grater that fear of death"

Wednesday night, my sis Veronica invited me to a screening at the Dallas International Film Festival for the HBO film, Habla Women. It was so fun to hang with my sis just me and her, and I got there a little early so while I waited at Urban Outfitters, I found these fabulous nerd glasses and decided to wear them that evening!


Thursday, lessons as usual...

Friday, lessons as well, and of course a couple of interruptions by certain frenchies...

Saturday, I threw a small baby shower for the choir teacher at my school. Her baby is due in June.

Cute diaper motorcycle driver and gifts

Today, I accompanied one of my Young Strings students at the Dallas Symphony Derby party at Lone Star Park. The event raises money for YS, so we dressed in our Sunday best and played a couple of duets. So fun!

I didn't take any pics there, but I this was my OOTD :)
Of course, Wrigley had to get in the picture!

Hope you had a great week, weekend!

~Mrs. S

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  1. Was that you in the front playing cello? How many instruments do you play??

    I tried looking for you on FB, but couldn't! You can look me up if you'd like (Gaby Wong Miller) and send me a friend request. Would love to be friends!