Tootsies VPC Event!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that the Tootsies event honoring the Vivaldi Patron Circle is finally over!

I mentioned that there would be a surprise after the event happened which was...

I was a model for the fashion show!

I had a blast meeting other members and getting to wear beautiful dresses/clothes. Here are some of the pics from the night. 

The evening gown, BCBG dress

The Herve Leger, worth $1800, 00!

The Cynthia Vincent outfit, with a personal appearance by herself at the event! I guess I walked so fast my sis couldn't get a good picture of the front!

Amy, my VPC partner in crime :)

My sisters, cousin, and mom came to support me

And of course the Mr.

There were also appearances by some of my favorite bloggers including, Meredith from Create That Outfit and Laura from Cotton Glitter!

Thank you to everyone who made it out, I am looking forward to next's years fashion show already!

~Mrs. S 


  1. Gorgeous Cat! I put my photos up today, and you are in them! ;)

  2. How cool! You look so beautiful and I love all of the outfits you got to wear.

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