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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello All!

I am terribly sorry for the lack of presence recently. I have been ultra busy at school with concerts, lessons, instrument nights and such, and no, it is not over, but I did however get a nice little getaway weekend in San Antonio for the TMEA convention. 

I had a blast going to workshops and seeing other orchestra director friends, unfortunately it was on Valentines day so we celebrated Wednesday night at Outback.

Thursday I headed to SA, had a nice lunch in Austin before getting to some workshops and eating dinner on the Riverwalk with a colleague.

I had to FaceTime with Zac and the frenchies while I was away

I got to attend several orchestra teaching workshops and stroll through the vendor booths where I found some pretty cool music I'd like my students to play

I also had the privilege of attending the concert of my colleagues Full Symphony Honor Middle School Orchestra of Texas concert and it was fantastic!

I was so impressed with the level of musicianship of these students. I only pray to be as good of a director as her. 

We left this morning after two sessions and stopped at the Tory Birch outlet in San Marcos, oh my!

It was glorious! However, they did not have any of my shoe sizes, so I opted to look around and wait till I found a better weekend to go full on and explore the outlets for at least a whole day!

I guess my husband made up for it by having these babies waiting for me when I got home, 

I checked out the Pragal Gurung collection at Target last Wednesday night and mentioned to Zac how much I loved the shoes, so I was pretty excited!

We went to go pick dinner at Market Street and found these beautiful tulips for 2.50 each!!!!

I think my mantle has too much "flower" so I will probably be making a change to something new soon! Any suggestions?

Hope you all have a great weekend, an I promise to be around more!

~Mrs. S

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  1. Too bad I just found your blog as I'm moving out of the suburbs of Texas, into an apartment in Dallas. haha