New Home Additions

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I have been so busy with school events that I have not had much time to catch up one here.

As you all may remember, the Mr. and I only bought our Suburban home about a year ago. We had some furniture and home items that we transferred from our old house to our new one, but I always knew that I would have all the time in the world to really make my house a home.

Luckily I am a bargain shopper and have found many great deals on craigslist, homegoods, and sometimes even free, like these fake flowers from my students mom, they are divine!

There are still many bare walls in my house, but I did manage to finally get the perfect frames for above our bed. Since we don't have kids yet, and we already have several wedding photos around the house, we decided to put our frenchies in the frames. I ordered new throw pillows for the bed also from I follow her on Instagram and as soon as she posted these on sale, I snagged them up, and I love them!

The models..

I think we can all see who liked the new pillows the most.

For a while there I had been on the look out for new sitting chairs for our living room. I found these beautiful chairs for a good deal and I also put some new frames above them with pictures form our London trip. I am definitely getting them recovered at some point, but for now they will do. 

I found the mirrored table on Amazon

Our London pictures. 

I am definitely going to do a full living room update soon. But for now that is all folks!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

~Mrs. S

Texas Music Educators Association Convention

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello All!

I am terribly sorry for the lack of presence recently. I have been ultra busy at school with concerts, lessons, instrument nights and such, and no, it is not over, but I did however get a nice little getaway weekend in San Antonio for the TMEA convention. 

I had a blast going to workshops and seeing other orchestra director friends, unfortunately it was on Valentines day so we celebrated Wednesday night at Outback.

Thursday I headed to SA, had a nice lunch in Austin before getting to some workshops and eating dinner on the Riverwalk with a colleague.

I had to FaceTime with Zac and the frenchies while I was away

I got to attend several orchestra teaching workshops and stroll through the vendor booths where I found some pretty cool music I'd like my students to play

I also had the privilege of attending the concert of my colleagues Full Symphony Honor Middle School Orchestra of Texas concert and it was fantastic!

I was so impressed with the level of musicianship of these students. I only pray to be as good of a director as her. 

We left this morning after two sessions and stopped at the Tory Birch outlet in San Marcos, oh my!

It was glorious! However, they did not have any of my shoe sizes, so I opted to look around and wait till I found a better weekend to go full on and explore the outlets for at least a whole day!

I guess my husband made up for it by having these babies waiting for me when I got home, 

I checked out the Pragal Gurung collection at Target last Wednesday night and mentioned to Zac how much I loved the shoes, so I was pretty excited!

We went to go pick dinner at Market Street and found these beautiful tulips for 2.50 each!!!!

I think my mantle has too much "flower" so I will probably be making a change to something new soon! Any suggestions?

Hope you all have a great weekend, an I promise to be around more!

~Mrs. S

Weekend Recap

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello everyone!

I was invited to a fabulous Valentine's Day party last Friday hosted by the beautiful Ashley Mahon.

Amy was in attendance, looking great as always, and as you can see I was sporting my thigh highs..

Michelle was there as well, and I got to meet so many fabulous ladies including Kirsten on the right

And some cute puppies that could do crazy tricks!

It was a great ladies night!

Saturday, I had to teach one lesson and was able to finally get some new running shoes, thoughts?
I am not a pink kind of girl, but I swear everything I have been getting lately has been pink!

Saturday, Michelle invited me and a couple of other friends to the rodeo in Fort Worth. I had never gone, so I was pretty excited. We had dinner at Brownstone in a cool new development on West 7th. Then headed to the Stock Yards, well we didn't realize it, but the rodeo was actually at the Will Rogers Colosseum right by where we had just dined! It was a big driving mess, but overall very fun when we finally made it!

Pretty cool, huh?

So many beautiful animals!

This morning I had a two hour lesson, then the Mr. and I headed to lunch and had ice cream at Braums afterwards.
Their cherry limeade sorbet is sooo delicious!

We went and visited a good friend of ours in the hospital around 4 and decide to check out the new Trader Joes in Plano on our way home, OMG, that place is amazing! Now I see what all the fuss is about! We will be going there at least once every two weeks I feel..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!!!

~Mrs. S

Weekend Recap

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!

As I wait for my fabulous friend Amy, I though I would do a recap of my weekend for y'all!

Friday, I can home to a box full of goodies my MIL sent as a Valentines gift :)

A table runner, a door heart, gift card to Outback, and a dress! She is so thoughtful, I am very lucky!

Friday night, the Mr. and I headed to Stonebriar in Frisco for a dinner and movie date night. We went to California Pizza Kitchen (with a gift card, and and soo delicious)

And we saw Silver Linings Playbook, HILARIOUS, I didn't stop laughing the whole movie!
Definitely a Bradley and Jennifer fan now....

Saturday, the Mr. finally got his Cowboys gear from the huge online sale, I was so proud that he actually bought something for himself, it is usually me that is buying stuff left and right!

Sat night, we cooked dinner, here are my scallops, asparagus with homemade hollandaise sauce, and mashed taters, the H sauce looks gross, but it was soo good!

I also bought some fresh tulips for the dining room, I wanted it to feel Valentines-y in there

This afternoon, I headed to a students lesson and met this little guy, Witten, so cute!
Hey, Im a bulldog lady ok!

Of course tonight is the super bowl, and my hubs had to make a big SB meal! 
Sliders, Hot dogs, guac, queso, sausage links, and deviled eggs, not bad!

Hope you all had a great weekend also!

~Mrs. S