Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi Y'all!

The  past few days have been rather stagnant, not too much going on around the Simmonds household except lots of rain and TV!

First off the weekend went by quickly, but we did eat some yummy meals: Friday evening-Cheddars, Saturday-Sonic (aren't we fancy for a Sat night?), Sunday-Blue Mesa. We have been eating pretty unhealthy around here, but I am just waiting for February to roll around cause I have a few surprise events going on that I have to get fit for!

Saturday, I did take my little student on a fun day and we made this adorable stationary. It was her treat for finishing a violin book. Her mom texted me later on that night that Emma had a blast, I did too :)

Sunday we went to brunch and did a whole lot of nothing after, I think I went to bed at like 10! There wasn't much TV on, and since RHOA and Shahs come on so early (and no Revenge) I went to bed early.

Now about these shows going on, can y'all believe Sean The Bachelor and his antics on giving Tiara that rose. I think it is all big set-up but either way, I'm probably going to be forwarding to the rose ceremony for a few weeks. I just don't really like any of these chicks...

Yesterday must have been the first day this app was launched, but there is a new App called Vine which is basically an instagram but for videos. Anyway, please feel free to follow, Im sure it will be a lot of music/frenchie action but fun nonetheless.

Follow along if you please :)

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

~Mrs. S

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