Christmas Cards

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello Readers!

Growing up, my family never really made Christmas Cards so it was a tradition I was familiar with until a few years ago, Zac and I began receiving them from different friends and family so I decided to start the tradition myself. I am sure you already saw my CC from an earlier post, but I actually received them and sent them out today!

I always print out the addresses on my computer, and printed the return address on the back. I would rather print them out than make a mistake and ruin envelopes!
I would have liked to have used Christmas-y stamps, but I wanted to get these out ASAP and I only had Flags :)

We have already received several cards from a couple of friends and Texas Senator John Cornyn!

The Mr. used to work for his office in Dallas, so we get a card from him every year

I don't know about y'all but we feel pretty special!

Have you sent your Christmas Cards out yet?!

~Mrs. S

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