Victory in the Quarter Finals!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I had the privilege of attending the Mr.'s quarterfinals game yesterday and it was so much fun! I'm so proud of my husband who has done a great job of coaching offense.

Since my in laws came in from out of town for the game we went to eat at Randy White's BBQ Friday night, and it was perfect. For some reason I only crave certain meals during certain seasons. I love BBQ in the wintertime so I was so glad we headed to RW's and everyone loved it. I took this pic of Miranda Lambert's autograph, I love her!

We ate dinner pretty early so we headed shopping for Christmas Decor after to Home Goods and Kirklands. I found some amazing stuff that I cant wait to show y'all (Christmas decor post later)!

There are several shopping centers in the suburbs and they all have amazing Christmas decorations, this tree is right in the middle of the Shops at Fairview, 

Tree at night
Tree during the day

Saturday, we did some more shopping at Sam Moon, and Frisco Mercantile, and then headed to Babe's Chicken for lunch. Thankfully, everything was close by the stadium where the game would be...

The team entering the stadium

Coach Simmonds in the hudle

A line of winners, 55-10!

I had so much fun watching the game, and seeing all the hard work the Mr. puts into coaching pay off. Now one more game and then hopefully they win state!

~Mrs. S


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