Today, I am thankful for Music

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful for music. You see, I have grown up around music. My grandfather was an accordion player, and I learned music from the age of 8, and have never stopped since. I am music teacher, music aficionado, music obsessed person...

These songs are a glimpse of the music i am passionate about, hope you agree...

The Eagles: Peaceful, Easy, Feeling
This song, is exactly the title, you will feel an easy, peaceful feeling from the harmonies, melodies, and vocal expressions...

Coldplay: Fix You
This song is so emotional, it has a very long intro and beautiful climax, it is the song that was played on Tony Romo and Candice Crawford's wedding video and I love it.

Bethoven String Quartett Op. 16 No. 1 Movmt II Adagio Affettuoso
This piece is very special to me. It is Beethoven's ultimate outburst of expression of his anguish, and feelings. So perfect.

Phillip Phillips
This song is very religious to me. I truly believe that Philip wrote it about God and his spirituality.

Ramon Ayala
My culture, if you ever really want to know me, this is my core.

Duncan Sheik
My youth.

Brad Paisley
My patriotism and how much I love my county and country music

I went to her concert when I was 2, yes my parents took me to a concert at that age...

String Cheese Incident
My college years.... I learned the violin solo after the 8:00 mark to prove my violin skills.

The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever,
My Favorite Beatles Song Ever...

Hope you all enjoy these tunes :)

~Mrs. S

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