Halloween Week

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello everyone!

This week just flew by didn't it?

Seems like October did to... which I love, cause that means Thanksgiving break is only 2 weeks away!

So, my week has been full of music, as usual.

Monday, lessons till 7. No good TV to watch so we went to WalMart to buy candy for Halloween...

Tuesday, Guitar Concert at the high school and it was awesome! My kiddos did a great job and represented my Middle School, and myself very well! LOVE teaching guitar...

After, we headed to "Double Dip" a frozen custard shop that has been in Frisco for like 50 years

It was an old school type food joint with amazing apple pie with ice cream!

Wednesday at school I raffled off this huge Hershey's bar to the kids who participated in our cookie dough fundraiser, the thing is 5 POUNDS!

This student in particular did not win it, she just wanted to take a picture with it!

I taught a couple of lessons and got ready for trick or treaters around 6. Had to put up the gate on my door cause my dogs kept wanting to run out the door when the kids started showing up!

I had about 30 or so kids come by, not too many...

Today I taught lessons till about 7 then headed to my favorite Mexican place with the Mr. after a victory with his JV football team.

Tomorrow and Saturday is all about All-Region so I will be busy with that...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. S

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