Blogger Event I am hosting!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great start to your week.

Just wanted to remind everyone about the blogger even I am hosting at Stephanie Anne in Highland Park Village from 5-7 tomorrow! There will be sips, small bites, and a chance to win 2 tickets to the My Possibilities Gala in February. I am also doing a quick styling of some SA items and giving away a gift card of $50.00! I even made cupcakes that you can decorate with cute holiday toppings!

Hope to see you there!!
~Mrs. S

Victory in the Quarter Finals!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I had the privilege of attending the Mr.'s quarterfinals game yesterday and it was so much fun! I'm so proud of my husband who has done a great job of coaching offense.

Since my in laws came in from out of town for the game we went to eat at Randy White's BBQ Friday night, and it was perfect. For some reason I only crave certain meals during certain seasons. I love BBQ in the wintertime so I was so glad we headed to RW's and everyone loved it. I took this pic of Miranda Lambert's autograph, I love her!

We ate dinner pretty early so we headed shopping for Christmas Decor after to Home Goods and Kirklands. I found some amazing stuff that I cant wait to show y'all (Christmas decor post later)!

There are several shopping centers in the suburbs and they all have amazing Christmas decorations, this tree is right in the middle of the Shops at Fairview, 

Tree at night
Tree during the day

Saturday, we did some more shopping at Sam Moon, and Frisco Mercantile, and then headed to Babe's Chicken for lunch. Thankfully, everything was close by the stadium where the game would be...

The team entering the stadium

Coach Simmonds in the hudle

A line of winners, 55-10!

I had so much fun watching the game, and seeing all the hard work the Mr. puts into coaching pay off. Now one more game and then hopefully they win state!

~Mrs. S

Thanksgiving in the Simmonds Home

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Lovely Reader! 
Thank you for stopping by The Simmonds in the Suburbs!

Turns out we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the Simmonds household on Thursday, and I just wanted to share with you all some of the photos I was able to snap of the day...

Our thanksgiving lunch ended up being just Zac and I. He had practice that morning and came straight home to roast the turkey he "brined" for 16 hours, yes, he made the brine on Wed night and we put it in the fridge over night. Luckily, it fit in our beautiful french door fridge (back story on why I love my fridge so much later) 

Here it is all nice and cozy...

And here it is all nice and cooked, sooooo delicious. Zac is such a good recipe follower, the turkey turned out perfect.

Later that night, after a crazy Cowboy victory, I headed to my sister Esmeralda's who was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and I spent the evening with all my sisters! It was so fun and we had some pretty delicious food.

My sis Esmeralda and I.

How was your Thanksgiving? 

Wonderful I hope. Fun posts on Christmas decorating, the playoff game Coach Simmonds led today, and new items for the house!

Hope to hear from you,
~Mrs. S

Today, I am thankful for Music

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful for music. You see, I have grown up around music. My grandfather was an accordion player, and I learned music from the age of 8, and have never stopped since. I am music teacher, music aficionado, music obsessed person...

These songs are a glimpse of the music i am passionate about, hope you agree...

The Eagles: Peaceful, Easy, Feeling
This song, is exactly the title, you will feel an easy, peaceful feeling from the harmonies, melodies, and vocal expressions...

Coldplay: Fix You
This song is so emotional, it has a very long intro and beautiful climax, it is the song that was played on Tony Romo and Candice Crawford's wedding video and I love it.

Bethoven String Quartett Op. 16 No. 1 Movmt II Adagio Affettuoso
This piece is very special to me. It is Beethoven's ultimate outburst of expression of his anguish, and feelings. So perfect.

Phillip Phillips
This song is very religious to me. I truly believe that Philip wrote it about God and his spirituality.

Ramon Ayala
My culture, if you ever really want to know me, this is my core.

Duncan Sheik
My youth.

Brad Paisley
My patriotism and how much I love my county and country music

I went to her concert when I was 2, yes my parents took me to a concert at that age...

String Cheese Incident
My college years.... I learned the violin solo after the 8:00 mark to prove my violin skills.

The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever,
My Favorite Beatles Song Ever...

Hope you all enjoy these tunes :)

~Mrs. S

Weekend Update

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all having a safe and fabulous weekend!

I get a week off from school this week, yes... a whole week! 

On another note, the Stephanie Anne Holiday Shopping Hour I am hosting is set for Wednesday, November 28th from 5-7 and I am hoping to see all of you there :)

After a long day of school on Friday (classes and Career Day) I headed over to a colleagues house for a jewelry trunk show/TGIF celebration. It was nice to hang out and catch up with my fellow orchestra teacher friends.

Saturday was laundry, lessons, then a Celebration!

My friend Amy's birthday party was that evening, and I had so much fun.

Me and the Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Amy

This morning, the Mr. and I made a trip to Frisco Mercantile to see if we could find some Christmas decorations. We have used the same stuff for years now, and I'm ready for something new. There was so much beautiful decor! FM is one of my favorite places in Frisco, so many unique items.

I'll be posting pictures of the house later this week. 

Lastly, the COWBOYS WON today!

I have not been keeping up this season, but I actually watched todays game and they won...

This is me and the girls watching the game, how cute is my Paisley?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Also, if you are like me and are on every social media website as possible... 
follow me on twitter, instagram, and pinterest 

~Mrs. S

You are Invited!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hi Lovely Bloggers!

I am officially inviting you all to my Holiday Happy Hour at Stephanie Anne in Highland Park Village (details coming soon!)

I visited the store today and I LOVED it!

The beautiful home decor, jewelry, and clothes are right up my alley and yours too I'm sure if you would like to join in on the fun!

Here are a few snaps from my photo shoot today...

I am wearing my London TopShop dress, a StephanieAnne belt, necklace, 
ring, bracelets, and earrings...

I LOVE this place!

It has everything I wish I could own including, 

beautiful China, 

beautiful jewelry


And serve ware

This place is just beautiful

Hope you can make it!

~Mrs. S

Vivaldi Event

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday :)

Last night, I was so excited to attend yet another fabulous Vivaldi Patron Circle event at this beautiful home. The event was a collaboration between the VPC and The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art for a chance to roam this Highland Park home owned by The Muse family. These people actually live here! We had a lecture by the architect of the house, who informed us this house could last at least 500 years, then listened to a DSO harpist. I had a great time meeting new VPC members, and I even won the raffle, two tickets to see Benedetti (a violinist) play Tchakovsky's Violin Concerto concert in January :)

This was my favorite room in the house...

Loved the French feel, and all the beautiful art on the walls

My fabulous friend Natalie joined me and Amy was able to attend too, I actually met Amy at a VPC event, so glad I am a member!

What do y'all think about my dress? I loooove the short front long back :)

~Mrs. S

Bedroom Reveal

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I'm finally able to share my bedroom revamp with you all...

A few months ago, I started to eye this duvet cover from Land's End. I loved the idea of the monogrammed pillows, and the classy square that borders the bed. I waited till all of the items were on sale and I made my purchases with almost half off. 

What do y'all think?

Love the monogram pillows!

These curtains were purchased at IKEA a few months ago. I love the layered look and IKEA had double curtain rods, thoughts?

I bought this chair on craigslist, and the dresser at IKEA. 

I still have to put stuff on the walls, but so far, I like it :)

Thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S

Halloween Week

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello everyone!

This week just flew by didn't it?

Seems like October did to... which I love, cause that means Thanksgiving break is only 2 weeks away!

So, my week has been full of music, as usual.

Monday, lessons till 7. No good TV to watch so we went to WalMart to buy candy for Halloween...

Tuesday, Guitar Concert at the high school and it was awesome! My kiddos did a great job and represented my Middle School, and myself very well! LOVE teaching guitar...

After, we headed to "Double Dip" a frozen custard shop that has been in Frisco for like 50 years

It was an old school type food joint with amazing apple pie with ice cream!

Wednesday at school I raffled off this huge Hershey's bar to the kids who participated in our cookie dough fundraiser, the thing is 5 POUNDS!

This student in particular did not win it, she just wanted to take a picture with it!

I taught a couple of lessons and got ready for trick or treaters around 6. Had to put up the gate on my door cause my dogs kept wanting to run out the door when the kids started showing up!

I had about 30 or so kids come by, not too many...

Today I taught lessons till about 7 then headed to my favorite Mexican place with the Mr. after a victory with his JV football team.

Tomorrow and Saturday is all about All-Region so I will be busy with that...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. S