Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share with you some pictures from my homecoming day at SMU!

I painted my nails cobalt blue to match my outfit, cool watch huh?!

After the parade which was so fun for me and my nephews, we had lunch at the Meadows School of the Arts tent, Sonny Brian's BBQ

This is my sister Esmeralda

I saw two Frenchies on the BLVD, this was Louie

7 Eleven had an election tent, I chose to take a pic with Romney, next to Reagan...
I also wore my blue monogrammed scarf from Ashley @ Loving Life and Lily from our monogram swap earlier this year.

The SMU stadium, we won!

My sister Veronica threw a Halloween party later that night, this is my niece playing a game where she made up the dance moves, and we all copied her

This morning, Chad Hennings (3 time Super Bowl Champ for the Dallas Cowboys) gave a sermon at my church. It was pretty cool.

All in all, a fun weekend!

How was your's?

~Mrs. S


  1. That sounds very busy, and VERY fun. I love your picture with Romney! :)

  2. I loved your outfit and the matching nails! How fun! =)