Hey Y'all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

So, life has been super busy lately.

Monday night I had lessons till 7.

Tuesday, I had an informational meeting in Dallas for the Junior League of Dallas. I really need your help here ladies. My husband is not crazy about the idea of me joining so please, help me give him good reasons why I should! I am a big believer of giving back to my community, and I would also like to surround myself with as many hard working and inspirational women as possible, but I'm still not convinced, and neither is Zac. I know a lot of you are members of the JL so I would really appreciate your advice. Help, please!

Wednesday, I received a little box at my doorstep. Now, mind you I ordered this thing a month ago, so I really had no idea it was it, until I opened it and found THIS...

Im so happy with it! I read crazy stories on blogs, and FB about people making a huge profit from selling their iPhones, but I honestly can't tell y'all how much I have been wanting this phone (for like a year now) and I would not give it up, even for a $400 profit...

Anyway, back to my week...

Thursday, I had my second orchestra concert in 8 days, and it went great! I was pretty tired afterwards, but so excited to head to dinner with the fabulous Amy (who was supposed to be at my concert but missed it by about 45 minutes!).

Tonight, I headed over to the middle school down the road to see my private lesson students play their orchestra concert, and it was amazing. Their two lower orchestras sounded so beautiful, and I had one of my students be 1st chair on the viola section!

Here is a pic of me with the triplets I teach, 

Tomorrow is SMU homecoming which means lots of Boulevarding, finally a football game, and my 5 year reunion party after. My sister is having a Halloween party too, so I will be heading there after a day at my alma mater. 

Posts coming soon...

~Mrs. S


  1. Hey Cat! Regarding Junior League, I joined Houston's league about three years ago and my husband was a little apprehensive too because it was such a huge time commitment. It's true that you need to make sure you join at a time in your life when you have the ability to give up your personal time, however it was so worth it to me. Not only have a participated in some amazing community projects, but I've met the most amazing friends. I'm sure the Dallas League is similar to Houston in that it's HUGE and filled with all kinds of women. It can be overwhelming at first, but once you find your niche both in a group of people that you fit with AND projects that you are passionate about it's so worth giving up your personal time. Like you said, its nice to give back to the community with other like-minded women. Good luck in your decision and have a great week!

  2. Do Junior League! You'll like it, but yes, it's a big commitment. Thanks for dinner that night btw! You need to post your concert on your blog.. I still need to see it! I WILL make the next one for sure! xoxo - Amy Espinosa http://www.facebook.com/bybeamy