Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share with you some pictures from my homecoming day at SMU!

I painted my nails cobalt blue to match my outfit, cool watch huh?!

After the parade which was so fun for me and my nephews, we had lunch at the Meadows School of the Arts tent, Sonny Brian's BBQ

This is my sister Esmeralda

I saw two Frenchies on the BLVD, this was Louie

7 Eleven had an election tent, I chose to take a pic with Romney, next to Reagan...
I also wore my blue monogrammed scarf from Ashley @ Loving Life and Lily from our monogram swap earlier this year.

The SMU stadium, we won!

My sister Veronica threw a Halloween party later that night, this is my niece playing a game where she made up the dance moves, and we all copied her

This morning, Chad Hennings (3 time Super Bowl Champ for the Dallas Cowboys) gave a sermon at my church. It was pretty cool.

All in all, a fun weekend!

How was your's?

~Mrs. S

Hey Y'all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

So, life has been super busy lately.

Monday night I had lessons till 7.

Tuesday, I had an informational meeting in Dallas for the Junior League of Dallas. I really need your help here ladies. My husband is not crazy about the idea of me joining so please, help me give him good reasons why I should! I am a big believer of giving back to my community, and I would also like to surround myself with as many hard working and inspirational women as possible, but I'm still not convinced, and neither is Zac. I know a lot of you are members of the JL so I would really appreciate your advice. Help, please!

Wednesday, I received a little box at my doorstep. Now, mind you I ordered this thing a month ago, so I really had no idea it was it, until I opened it and found THIS...

Im so happy with it! I read crazy stories on blogs, and FB about people making a huge profit from selling their iPhones, but I honestly can't tell y'all how much I have been wanting this phone (for like a year now) and I would not give it up, even for a $400 profit...

Anyway, back to my week...

Thursday, I had my second orchestra concert in 8 days, and it went great! I was pretty tired afterwards, but so excited to head to dinner with the fabulous Amy (who was supposed to be at my concert but missed it by about 45 minutes!).

Tonight, I headed over to the middle school down the road to see my private lesson students play their orchestra concert, and it was amazing. Their two lower orchestras sounded so beautiful, and I had one of my students be 1st chair on the viola section!

Here is a pic of me with the triplets I teach, 

Tomorrow is SMU homecoming which means lots of Boulevarding, finally a football game, and my 5 year reunion party after. My sister is having a Halloween party too, so I will be heading there after a day at my alma mater. 

Posts coming soon...

~Mrs. S

Marciano+HB Event at Galleria

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello Lovely bloggers!

Last night I attended this event with my good friend Amy.

I received a FB invite by the host of the party, Dallas Wardrobe's Amy Wells, but I wasn't sure if I could make it after a long day and two hours of lessons!

After getting two invites to come out from my besties Amy and Natalie, I couldn't refuse a girls night, and decided to make it to the party after all!

I am so glad I did, I had a blast, and Marciano has some beautiful clothes!

I definitely didn't wear anything spectacular, but Amy did (not the host, another Amy)

DVF frock :)

We had delicious cookies to munch on,

 and even got our makeup done!

Big difference from the pic above with fake lashes on in this one! Personally, I like the before picture better :)

It was fabulous to see other bloggers too, including Cotton Giltter

Thankful for girls night out!

~Mrs. S


Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hope y'all had a great fall Monday. It was so cool this morning and by the time I got out of school, the temperature rose and my car was soo hot. I am ready for it to be cool all day and night long...

We had a pretty boring weekend around here with lessons till 9:30 Friday night, and High School All-Region auditions on Saturday. Sat evening it was very windy and later in that night, there was a thunderstorm.

Wrigley loved me opening the window for some cool air.

Sunday was uneventful with a Cowboys loss, and a mid day lesson. 

I did however receive these two packages in the mail today, 

Ill be sharing the contents soon!

Mrs. S


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello Lovelies, 

Just wanted to share some pics from lately.

My breakfast nook has some pretty new flowers

My Front door is all fall-ed out

Last night I headed to my sisters house to play "La Loteria" (Mexican bingo) 
I lost all my money, my 1 dollar I played...

Annnnd to celebrate my moms b day which is this Wednesday

It was so fun to catch up with family,
can you tell we are an iphone kind of clan?

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. S


Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I couldn't resist sharing a link I found on Perez Hilton's website with all of the Glee performances from last night. I was blown away with the song choices, Ryan Murphy is a musical genius. Every song was perfect, especially the first one! I used to be obsessed with Duncan Sheik's "Barely Breathing" growing up, one of my all time favorite songs of the 90's, along with "Dont Speak" which was also in this episode!

Check them all out here!

State Fair of Texas

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last night, Zac and I met up with my sisters and mom to celebrate her 32nd birthday at the fair.

We got there kind of late (8pm)
but it was just enough time to get some good fair.
The big ferris wheel is soooo Texas

Zac got me to ride this ride, and of course I hated it afterwards, I had a huge headache from the fast spinning. Didn't ride anymore rides...

I had to eat something fried, so I went for the fried oreos, they were delicious, but I could only eat them once a year

My adorable nieces!

Did y'all make it to the fair yet?

~Mrs. S