Friday's Letters

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Lord,
Thank you for blessing me with such awesome students this year, this past three weeks have been a blast! So excited to be a teacher these days!

Dear Husband, 
Three years ago (september 12th) you asked me marry you and it was one of the sweetest days of my life. 

Dear Friends,
I miss you.

Dear house,
I love it when you fill the air with fresh flower scent.

Dear weather,
Thank you for staying in the lower temperatures and tempting me to wear fall outerwear...

Dear Blog hoppers, 
If you are a new visitor, feel free to become a follower :) If you are a follower, thank you and I miss your comments! I have had a bunch of blog views, and no new followers and very few comments (wah!) I promise to post more often, and I'm super tempted to host a giveaway, from my favorite store J Crew maybe??...

Did I get your attention? Good! Hope to see you again soon! 

Hope you all had a great week!

~Mrs. S

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  1. I read all your posts, but sometimes I'm just at a loss at what to write without thinking it'll be stupid! Buuut, having said that...I totally feel the same way when I put some effort into a post and then see zero comments and feel so deflated, haha. I know people are reading, but it IS nice to see comments.