DSO Gala 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

And so it was...

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra 2012 Gala and After Party!

I had an amazing time, caught up with old friends, and experienced my first Christian Louboutin night!

The Gala theme this year was French inspired, the dinner was set up like a French bistro

The music was superb, Dvorak "New World Symphony" and Yo Yo Ma played Shumann Cello Concerto, personally, I liked the symphony better...

Yo Yo Ma and Maestro Van Sweden

My student Diana and I before the concert

Amy Espinoza of "Be Amy" and Clishade Cosmetics

My friend Christine Hwang Weege who was at SMU with me and GDYO in high school and is now a violist for the Dallas Symphony!

After Party, so fun!

I sneaked a pair of flip flops behind the FD Luxe stand so that I wouldn't wear my Louboutin's in the parking lot :)

Amazing night!

~Mrs. S

Oh, yeah...
Zac didn't end up going cause he went to a football game.
I know, you get married so you have a date for these kinds of things, but I didn't mind. 
(Well, that's not the only reason...)
I had a great time anyway!!!

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