Christian Louboutin

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I finally did it!
I took the plunge and invested in some Christian Louboutin's!

I chose this beautiful pair exclusively for Neiman Marcus about 6 months ago for many reasons...
But mainly because they are gorgeous!

First off, they are the glamorous version of the nude shoe, and we all love a good nude shoe
Second, the are sling back which means they will fit perfectly for my awkward size feet 7.75-8
Third, because even my husband admitted they looked like a "million dollar"shoe!

This was me at Neiman Marcus on FNO trying them on, 
what's funny is that they are a 39 which is the equivalent to a size 9 in American sizes, but
if you are planning to buy Louboutin's, make sure you either try them on at the store, or order them a size bigger online. The run at a larger size!

This is a view from the front!

This was me wearing them for the first time at the DSO 2012 Gala last night

So excited for my first pair of Louboutin's

Do you own a pair?

~Mrs. S


  1. so nice. why did u choose the glitter over the nude

  2. Those are GORGEOUS! Congrats! (and no, of course I don't own a pair...I don't have an extra $800 for shoes!)

  3. Congrats!! You chose a gorgeous pair, I have yet to take the leap but hopefully by next year!

    fashionable footprints

  4. I own a pair of flats and Ive worn them so much, the bottoms are barely red now!

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