Top 5 Tuesday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1. Paisley being cute and crawling into my student's case during a cello lesson

2. Being excited about going back to school!

3. The weather in Texas today

4. Cooking dinner at home and eating this stuff for desert

5. Finding out that McKinney is ranked #2 in both Realtor Magazine, and Money Magazine for best places to live in the country!

What are your top 5's this Tuesday?
~Mrs. S


  1. Ha ha, great list! No matter what top list I'm making, Nutella ALWAYS finds it's way on the list! I refuse to buy it anymore because I've actually eaten the entire bottle in one evening, and more than once too! It's just so dangerous!

    xo Jenny

  2. haha very nice! Number 1 is my favorite :)

  3. To this day I still have not tried Nutella simply because I'm afraid I might like it too much! I already have issues with Peanut Butter.