The one day it rains...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is the day Brad Paisley is supposed to have a concert in Dallas, and I have tickets, and I am so excited to go, and they cancel the concert!

I should have known something would go wrong when I saw these clouds over Dallas, TX

However, I had faith so I still went and met up with my student who was sooo excited to go, this is her being silly, 

And us taking cover in the rain

Such a sad day, when they announce 1 hour before the concert that it has been cancelled due to the rain, and will be rescheduled.... It's ok, it wasn't meant to be. Trying to stay positive :)

What did y'all do on your Saturday night?!

~Mrs. S


  1. UGH I hate when that happens...or you don't go to a concert cause of the horrendous weather to find out it still went on! Been there, done that! I hope he reschedules fast for you. :)