Fall Jackets

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After visiting J Crew and getting an urge to buy a red blazer like Duchess Kate's I was disappointed when the $180.00 price tag prevented me from fulfilling the urge, until....

I found a great alternative at H&M

This number was purchased at $35.00, take that J Crew!

This jacket I found at TarGet and I am so excited about it! It fits really good, and it has the pointy sleeves that I've been wanting to sport. Not bad for $39.99 :)

What do y'all think?

~Mrs. S


  1. I've been wanting a red blazer and a navy blazer. I just did some shopping damage last week so I probably shouldn't. Great price. I saw that jacket at Target and I liked it.

  2. Can't beat those prices! And, such great staples. Great finds!

  3. These are both great finds! Nice job Cat. Colorful blazers are currently on my shopping list. I need to go check out H&M.