Surprises and Doggies

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Today, I have a huge surprise, but it will be a week before I can share it! I know, I know, Im just evil! 

Stay tuned to see, but for now, enjoy some of my favorite snaps featuring my two French Bulldogs :)

5 years old
named after Wrigley Field
serious personality, but looooves people
Nicknames: Wriggles, Wrigleberry, Wrigglesworth, the Wrigs

Moseley, on the right, left us 3 summers ago, but I still remember her...

Now we have Paisley (and Wrigley)
3 Years old
named after Brad Paisley
Afraid of people, supper funny behaving, loves to chase anything (birds, squirrels)
Nicknames: The Paise, Paisey-poo, Paisers

They love to Lounge

And sit on top of the couches

I Love my babies!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S