Fun Finds, and a Memorial

Monday, July 23, 2012

During our recent vacation to London, I though I was going to spend way more than I did shopping. Zac being the conservative shopper of the two of us, stopped me from buying tons of things I wanted to buy, but didn't really need. 

After seeing countless fashionable looking people with TOPSHOP bags all over London, I figured I had to make my way there! 

I found this amazing little number for 15 Pounds which is the equivalent to $20!!! It doesn't fit me perfect, but I am getting it tailored to fit me just right. The good thing is I can get away with wearing it with a cute jacket or sweater until then...

These flats came from H&M in Picadily square (London). I discovered the Swedish fashion-house back in 2004 on a visit to Chicago and fell in love. When Dallas finally got one last year, it was a huge deal around here!

These Marshalls cuties were for my trip to London, but I never wore them... They were way too uncomfortable! Still have to break them in :)

My MIL always surprises me with little gifts. She got me this F21 dress, cute huh? I am not sure when I will wear it, but I'm excited about it!

This past Saturday we finally got some rain! However, right after this light drizzle, we got a huge hail storm that lasted about 20 minutes and blew over our already falling fence... As you can see from the very left of the picture, our fence is being held up by a board, we temporarily fixed it today...

Sunday was the 6 year anniversary of Zac's grandpa dying and we made good ole' souther cooking for dinner in his memory. Ribs, fried okra, and jalapeno cornbread. 
RIP Derwin Blankenship

Sadly enough, 
Today, the pastor that married us 2 years ago passed away.

His name was Dr. Brian Newman, and sent us a card on our 1st and 2nd anniversary. Now he will be sending his cards from heaven. May he rest in peace.

~Mrs. S 


  1. your MIL buys you dresses?! how did you get so lucky!? haha!
    my MIL buys me pretty great surprises too. she's super fashionable and always picks out the cutest stuff.

  2. Very cute blue dress. What a great vacation.

    Thanks for your comment, glad you liked the video. Of course a music teacher would :)