Friday's letter to God

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear God,

Nobody will ever be able to explain how evil can force someone to commit the kind of crime that happened this morning in Colorado, only You. I can only pray that You continue to protect the families and people of Aurora, Colorado who have been affected by the shootings and that they realize that sometimes evil in a persons heart takes over.

Thank you for not letting it be the theater where Zac and I were watching the premiere. We have never gone to the movies at that time, and unfortunately, our joy after watching this incredible movie will forever be tainted by the tragedy that has happened.

An event like this will only make us realize how precious our lives are and how we need to have faith in You that life goes on.

P.S. Please fill the people of Your world with your love and grace so that they will not feel the need to commit such acts. I pray this all in Jesus's name, Amen

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