Kate has a sense of humor

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi Ladies, 

There is a show on HBO called Girls that I began watching this summer, and ended up really liking (now just waiting for the next season). It is modeled after the SATC series featuring 4 New Yorkers who met at Oberlin College and are living their 20's in the big apple. The main character is hilarious and has some serious issues, well really all the characters do, but there is one character that I thought was super funny and gorgeous....

Meet Allison Williams

After doing some research, I learned she is Brian Williams's daughter (the guy who does To Catch a Predator) and she is a Yale graduate who happens to sing beautifully. The reason for this post is the hilarious Funny or Die series she starred in about Kate and William called Before Happily Ever After. She looks so much like Kate, and the way they portray Will will definitely make you laugh! It is seriously funny and worth a view, especially if you are stuck at work and need a good chuckle!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!
~Mrs. S

Olympic Moon

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hey Y'all!

If you don't know this already, I am obsessed with the moon...

This is what it looks like tonight in case you haven't seen it...

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! Zac and I were so excited to watch the opening ceremony of the olympics and reminiscing about our London trip that we made fish and chips for dinner, and stayed up watching it till the end.

Although the show was spectacular, I really only wanted to see what Kate was wearing, which was ok I guess, 

Classy as usual, but nothing special, I thought...

However, I really want to get some blue skinny's now after seeing how cute they looked on her earlier this week. BTW, she has worn those shoes frequently, which is another reason I love her! She is stylish, but practical and buys stuff she will wear more than once!

I'm going to be honest, I am not as interested in the actual olympic games, as I am what Kate wears to attend them, so don't be mad if that is my main focus...

What are you excited about in the London Olympics?

Hope to hear from you, 
~Mrs. S

Things to look forward to

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I received a FB invite to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's annual concert and Gala today (the official invite will prob be in the mail any day now...)! I've been looking forward to this since last September when our house-purchasing budget didn't allow us to go...

Sorry it is so blurry/small

I used to be an usher at the Meyerson (12 years ago) where the event is held, and I always remember it was such a big deal, but never understood why! Now that I am older/wiser I realized it is because the dinner is $1000.00 and higher a plate that is why! It is the DSO's biggest fund-raiser of the year and the dinner will be followed by a concert by world class cellist YoYo Ma.

The after-party will be hosted by the most fabulous conductor's daughter in history, Anna-Sophia Van Sweden. Our "Conductor of the Year" Jaap Van Sweden, has put the DSO back on the symphony map all over the world and he happens to have a gorgeous, super supportive daughter who attends most DSO concerts, but travels the world in between!

This is her with her dad at last years Raaj themed gala

Basically, this after-party is THE social event of the season and I already have Zac 80% convinced to go and I am soooo excited!

Of course I'm also looking forward to school stuff and the upcoming SMU football season (more on that to come), but there is one more event that is going on in August, including the Dallas Blogger Society's event on August 16th at the Joule hotel. Should be a great way to meet new bloggers, and who knows maybe I will meet you there!

What events are you looking forward to this season?

Today's Happenings

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey y'all,

Hope you are having a great week. Today was the memorial service for Dr. Brian Newman, the pastor who married the Mr. and I. It was a beautiful service, and there were people from so many different places who were there to honor his memory. He really was a good man.

Afterwards, I stopped by my friend Natalie's place to see her, and catch up. Nat and I have known each other for 6 years now and she is fabulous...

This was us a couple of years back, but I love this pic. Yes, I used to have lighter hair, and everyone tells me how cute it looks, but I hhhhaaaatttteee keeping up with coloring and such, so for now I am sticking to all naturale. 

As if driving all over Dallas wasn't enough, Zac called and told me his dad was stuck at DFW airport because he couldn't get a flight to San Diego, so we went to go have dinner with him at Bucca di Beppo. This Italian fare is some of the most delicious in the area, so I was pretty excited...

As usual, Zac and I shared the spicy chicken rigatoni

Now we are sitting at home and trying to figure out why TV this time of year blows, can't wait till all the fall shows begin, including X factor, Revenge, RH of anywhere and of course, Football!

Hope y'all have a great Friday!

~Mrs. S 

Dang it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I was trying to write this post on Wednesday but it is 12:00am so its already Thursday!!!

Turns out I had a fabulous Wednesday after all!

I had a great lesson day...

I got to meet up with up my cuz for some double date time, and we had a great time!

And, I found these cute snaps of my Paisey-waisey on zacs phone!


I love her, such the model!!!!!

Have a great nite :)

~Mrs. S

Manuela´s Style: A BLUE NIGHT

Manuela´s Style: A BLUE NIGHT

Me encanta tu "look" se ve muy bien!!!

What I'm not loving Wednesday

Sorry for all the negativity my friends, but I have to vent and I always like to be different so here it goes...

1. I'm not loving that I have 7 hours of straight teaching lessons today. It's the first lesson day for kids I haven't seen in weeks, so wish me luck!

2. I'm not loving that yesterday was a GILT sale on Jack Rogers sandals, and I didn't have the mula to get some :(

3. I'm not loving that there is a music teachers convention going on in San Antonio this week that I will probably not be able to attend...

4. I'm not loving that I keep making coffee that is not strong enough!

5. I'm definitely not loving that July is coming to an end in less than a week and I'm starting school stuff in two weeks!

Look who agrees with me!

What are you not loving these days???!

~Mrs. S

Fun Finds, and a Memorial

Monday, July 23, 2012

During our recent vacation to London, I though I was going to spend way more than I did shopping. Zac being the conservative shopper of the two of us, stopped me from buying tons of things I wanted to buy, but didn't really need. 

After seeing countless fashionable looking people with TOPSHOP bags all over London, I figured I had to make my way there! 

I found this amazing little number for 15 Pounds which is the equivalent to $20!!! It doesn't fit me perfect, but I am getting it tailored to fit me just right. The good thing is I can get away with wearing it with a cute jacket or sweater until then...

These flats came from H&M in Picadily square (London). I discovered the Swedish fashion-house back in 2004 on a visit to Chicago and fell in love. When Dallas finally got one last year, it was a huge deal around here!

These Marshalls cuties were for my trip to London, but I never wore them... They were way too uncomfortable! Still have to break them in :)

My MIL always surprises me with little gifts. She got me this F21 dress, cute huh? I am not sure when I will wear it, but I'm excited about it!

This past Saturday we finally got some rain! However, right after this light drizzle, we got a huge hail storm that lasted about 20 minutes and blew over our already falling fence... As you can see from the very left of the picture, our fence is being held up by a board, we temporarily fixed it today...

Sunday was the 6 year anniversary of Zac's grandpa dying and we made good ole' souther cooking for dinner in his memory. Ribs, fried okra, and jalapeno cornbread. 
RIP Derwin Blankenship

Sadly enough, 
Today, the pastor that married us 2 years ago passed away.

His name was Dr. Brian Newman, and sent us a card on our 1st and 2nd anniversary. Now he will be sending his cards from heaven. May he rest in peace.

~Mrs. S 

So Fresh and so Clean, Clean...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

When we first bought our home, we got lucky that the carpets were in great condition. However, with two fur babies and 8 nephews and nieces, our carpets were bound to need a shampooing at some point. 

We have had a steam cleaner for 2 years now, that we got with a gift card from a dear friend of ours as a wedding gift (Thanks Chiharu Chu!), and we are more thankful now than ever since today was the first time we used it to clean the carpets! What do y'all think?!

Bissel Pro-heat steam cleaner.
I highly recommended if you are thinking about getting one, $150.00 at Target

Not bad huh?

~Mrs. S

Friday's letter to God

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear God,

Nobody will ever be able to explain how evil can force someone to commit the kind of crime that happened this morning in Colorado, only You. I can only pray that You continue to protect the families and people of Aurora, Colorado who have been affected by the shootings and that they realize that sometimes evil in a persons heart takes over.

Thank you for not letting it be the theater where Zac and I were watching the premiere. We have never gone to the movies at that time, and unfortunately, our joy after watching this incredible movie will forever be tainted by the tragedy that has happened.

An event like this will only make us realize how precious our lives are and how we need to have faith in You that life goes on.

P.S. Please fill the people of Your world with your love and grace so that they will not feel the need to commit such acts. I pray this all in Jesus's name, Amen

Holiday Attire

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here are some of my London OOTD's and Nights

Equipment blouse with white skinny's and my waterproof Sperrys at Buckingham Gardens

White J Crew sweater with blue jean skinny's and aerosole wedges, scarf at Picadily Circus

Black modcloth dress, black thigh high boots, coat at Picadily Circus

Essential London rain coat on Knightsbridge Road

White blazer, bauble necklace at Cork and Bottle in Picadily Circus

Zara top, red skinny's, Hunter boots, Longchamp Le Pliage at Hyde Park

Mint skinny's from H&M at London Bridge

Blue BCBG, white blazer, black booties at Hyde Park on our last night..

Holiday in Londontown!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi Ladies, 

The reason I've been gone is because I was in LONDON on Holiday! 
In England, they call vacation, holiday so "when in Rome" :)

Instead of showing you too many pictures, I will just show you my favorite ones!

Zac and I on the London bridge, with the London Tower bridge behind us

Buckingham Palace

Kensington Gardens in Kensington Palace

Hanging out in Picadily Circus

Inside the market at Harrods

Cool building on Knightsbridge Road

Hanging out in Picadily square with the london Eye behind 

The Italian Gardens in Hyde Park

Cool House in Notting Hill down Portobello Road

Abbey Road!!!

Y'all, one of the best parts was that we got to fly first class on the way there...
It was a crazy experience...
We got a glass of champagne as we got seated, we had our own samsung galaxies complete with tons of movies and shows, we had a 5 course meal! And, our seats folded back so we could actually lay down and sleep on a 9 hour flight!
I's still in awe 8 days later!

Hope you all enjoyed, I still plan to do more posts on my outfit choices for my English Holiday :)

~Mrs. S

Surprise, New Blog Design!

Hello Ladies, IM BACK!

I have been gone for over a week but I have a great reason, I promise :)

But first, what do y'all think about my new blog design?

Love to hear your thoughts!

~Mrs. S

Surprises and Doggies

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Today, I have a huge surprise, but it will be a week before I can share it! I know, I know, Im just evil! 

Stay tuned to see, but for now, enjoy some of my favorite snaps featuring my two French Bulldogs :)

5 years old
named after Wrigley Field
serious personality, but looooves people
Nicknames: Wriggles, Wrigleberry, Wrigglesworth, the Wrigs

Moseley, on the right, left us 3 summers ago, but I still remember her...

Now we have Paisley (and Wrigley)
3 Years old
named after Brad Paisley
Afraid of people, supper funny behaving, loves to chase anything (birds, squirrels)
Nicknames: The Paise, Paisey-poo, Paisers

They love to Lounge

And sit on top of the couches

I Love my babies!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Mrs. S