Why I love blogging!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello everyone!

I love blogging for many reasons, but one of the greatest reasons is because get to share my life with such amazing ladies who inspire me in so many ways, whether its to dress cuter, make the Simmonds home nicer, or even just for entertainment, I know (from my blogger dashboard) that there are people out there reading my thoughts and every time I get a new follower I get really excited. I also love knowing that God is connecting me to great people whom I would never get to communicate or share my life otherwise. Today during church, although the sermon was mostly about fatherhood and many other awesome subjects, I realized that much like listening and reading the word of God, I also like reading your words and knowing that you like reading mine... Anyway, enough about me, lets get to the good stuff

First off, I know at least 99% of my readers are female so I don't have to bother telling YOU happy fathers day, but I do wish all of your fathers, FIL's, your brothers who are fathers, your grandfathers, your own husbands who are fathers and anyone else in your life in which fatherhood applies to, a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

My father and I have never had the best relationship, but I do love him and wish him a Happy Fathers Day. This is my dad,,,

He is working in New York these days, so I didn't get to spend today with him.

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day with my FIL and husbands family at Fogo de Chao, a churrascaria restaurant in Addison that serves delicious meats and has a killer salad bar. For those of you who are unfamiliar with churrascarias, waiters basically come around all the tables in the restaurant and serve you unlimited cuts of meat. I am not a huge meat eater, and its half the price to just eat at the salad bar so I opted for that. Here are some pics,

When you walk in, they have these slow cooking ribs that are almost torture to watch as you wait for your table, yum!

This was the first salad bar plate I made...

Zac's family :)

Another reason I love blogging is the fun giveaways that happen all the time! I have read Southern Belle  for a while now and when I saw she was doing a J Crew bubble necklace giveaway I figured I'd give it a shot. I have entered giveaways before completely not expecting to win, but this time I WON this beautiful necklace!!!

Can y'all believe it! You have to enter as many giveaways as possible, because you WILL win at some point, there is hope!!! BE sure to check out Southern Belle, asap!

One last thing!

I have a couple of new followers that I want you to explore...

Pancakes and Beet Juice is another Dallas blogger I have been following for a while and she recently became one of mine! I was really excited :) Mrs. Pancakes has a super fun blog about her adventures in Dallas and everything in between. I am inspired by her commitment to healthy living and her posts about the city I love, DALLAS!  Check her out!

Another fun blogger who is now following is Ashley over at Ashley the fashion guru, her blog is about everything fashion, click the link, now!!!

Hope you are all having a great end of the weekend and fabulous Father's Day :)

~Mrs. S 

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  1. Looks like a fun fathers day..there is another mrs. Pancakes..need to go meet her!!