Thursday, June 14, 2012

About 6 years ago, Zac and I became obsessed with the show DALLAS! The channel SOAP played two episodes every day, and we began watching it from the first season all the way to the last! Zac even  left his Senate job to pursue a career in the oil business! 

Pamela is the one in the blue dress...

Needless to say, we were enthralled by the shows characters (Pamela Barnes Ewing, being my favorite) and the historical portrayal of my hometown of Dallas in the 80's.

The show even had a couple of episodes at my Alma Mater, SMU, where Lucy (in the red) attended!!!

There were many elements to the show that kept us interested including the character you love to hate "JR", the flashy lifestyle of the rich Ewings, the beautiful landscape of North Dallas (Southfork is actually not to far from Mckinney), and of course the 80's fashion, the Ewing clan had real class and style!

Last night the season premier was beyond my expectations. JR's character is still evil and hilarious, Bobby is still "trying to do what's right" and Sue Ellen, although 71 in real life, looks as fabulous as ever. The new characters are kind of "blah" for now, but I am sure I will eventually like them. I do however like the evil John Ross and love how they twisted the plot for him and JR to be enemies. This will make for some real entertainment. I can already tell the story-line is going to keep me on my toes about what happens next and I can't wait for next Wednesday night! 

What did you think of the new DALLAS?

Love to hear your thoughts!
~Mrs. S


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